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Knowing the best hot tub water treatment measures is a simple thing when you know how it’s done, “here you will learn how to treat your hot tub water using traditional simple methods used on all types of hot tubs”.

Basic testing of PH levels of the water, adding the correct balance of chemicals to set the waters chlorine levels, alkaline and PH levels perfectly safe for bathing in is very easily done once you follow the instructions below, examples shown here below will work for all types of inflatable hot tubs and hard shell luxury hot tubs.

The process is always going to be the same for water, it doesn’t matter what hot tub the water is in.

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Best Hot tub Water Treatment – Video:

The video is from 2018 but the same methods are used today, Period!

If You watched the video, then you will now know, that this is simple stuff to do and keep on top of.

Maintaining safe clean water levels is always going to be worth a little bit of your time to maintain whilst reaping the benefits from your hot tub so it’s a good idea to add this job to your list of jobs as you do around the house to be on the safe side.

Best Hot Tub Chemicals For Correcting Water Balance

  • PH Testing Strips
  • Chlorine and Bromine Sanitizers
  • PH Increaser & Decreaser
  • Chemical Starter Kits

Attention >>> Whilst setting your correct water balance there is a correct order to follow, we explain all the steps you need to take in the correct order below!

PH Testing Strips – How and When To Use Them:

Testing strips come in a small container with a lid, they should always be stored in a cool dry place at all times with the lid tightly fixed to prevent them from attracting moisture which will ruin them altogether.

  1. You should use your testing strips immediately after putting water in your hot tub to test the current water balance for Bromine or Chlorine levels, PH Levels, and Alkaline levels, Leave the strip in for approximately 15 seconds before taking it out.
  2. There are indicators on the side of the test strip container you should then use to check the levels are correct, the indicators for the correct balance are all coloured squares, in order for you to create the correct balance by adding chemicals you would be looking to match these colours on the test strip you dipped in the water to match the colours on the test strip container to set the water balance correct and safe to bathe in.

Learn more about PH testing

Chlorine Or Bromine – When To Add & How Much You Should Add:

  1. Chlorine or Bromine is the first thing you would want to add to your hot tub water, Once you have filled your tub up with water, you should firstly,
  2. Test the water using your testing strips to check the water’s current balance.
  3. Add chlorine granules or Bromine of up to 1 teaspoon full to each 200-Litres of water, this will depend on how much water your tub holds once filled.
  4. Then heat up your tub, switch on the jets to mix up the chlorine with the water, and wait for a couple of hours before re-testing with the strips, if your levels are the correct colour on the strip then you are good to go, if not then just add one teaspoon of chlorine granules at any one time whilst waiting at least one hour each time you add chlorine until you have set the correct level which should match the colour on the strip.
  5. After using your tub it’s a good idea to add one more teaspoon of Chlorine or Bromine to keep the levels correct for the next time you use it and also to help stop the water from turning stagnant.
  6. Alternatively, you can use an adjustable floater with Chlorine or Bromine tablets inside to help maintain correct water balance, just remember to take out the floater when the tub is in use.

Learn more about using chlorine or bromine

Alkaline Levels In The Water – How To Manage Correct Balance:

  1. Alkaline levels are controlled by using the PH Plus chemical, Firstly add one teaspoon of PH Plus at any one time, Then wait a while before testing with the jets on to mix it in well.
  2. Use the test strips to check your levels are correct, if not then repeat the process by adding one teaspoon before re-testing until you have the correct balance.

NOTE >>> This may bring your PH levels up beyond an acceptable level which you can deal with in the next step below.

PH Balance Levels – How to Set The Right Level for Your Water:

  1. Firstly – Add PH Minus one teaspoon at a time with the hot tub turned on.
  2. Use your testing strips just like in the previous steps to test the balance of the water.
  3. Use PH Minus if your level strips are indicating too high to bring the balance back down again.


Whilst testing, always have your tub fully functioning at least 20 degrees for best results.

Test the water the following day after it’s been used and add chemicals as appropriate, re-test the water after at least one hour after adding chemicals.

Use a chemical floater of chlorine or bromine tablets whilst the tub is not in use, this helps maintain a good PH level which in turn reduces the risk of low or high levels of calcium hardness which can quickly cause scaling problems both internally and externally which will damage your hot tub.

Best Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit – All The Chemicals In One Box:

Clearwater CH0018 Lay-Z-Spa Chemical Starter Kit for Hot Tub and Spa Water Treatment (Includes Chlorine, pH Minus, pH Plus, Foam Remover and Test Strips)

Clearwater CH0018 Lay-Z-Spa Chemical Starter Kit for Hot Tub and Spa Water Treatment (Includes Chlorine, pH Minus, pH Plus, Foam Remover and Test Strips)

Maintaining your hot tub water balance doesn’t have to be time-consuming as long as you keep on top of it from the first time you set it up, the clear water starter kit is one of the most popular choices in chemical kits to get started, the kit should last for quite a long time with maybe the need to replace singular bottles of whatever you may need going forward.

Learn more about some of the best hot tub chemicals you can use to treat your hot tub water.

Best Way To Treat Cloudy Or Smelly Hot Tub Water:

Causes of cloudy smelly water are usually down to the level of water maintenance you provide to your hot tub, high levels of PH or low levels of sanitizer are usually the culprit, a build-up of scum is another reason,

How To Prevent Cloudly Foamy Hot Tub Water:

People often don’t realize that they “SHOULD” always shower before using a hot tub as things like make-up, fake tan, skin creams, and lotions will all end up in your hot tub water and stick to the side walls of your tub as well as end up in the plumbing pipes of your hot tub which all in all causes your hot tub water to go cloudy and smelly or cause hot tub foam.

It’s recommended to change the water completely when the tub has had a lot of use, you should notice the water will start to turn slightly cloudy and maybe a little bit smelly, these are signs that you either need to change your water completely by draining your hot tub Or by treating the existing water to save you the hassle of emptying it.

If you don’t wish to empty your tub then you could try to add a more than usual amount of bromine or chlorine with caution! By firstly mixing the sanitizer powder or tablets with water in a bucket before adding it to your existing water, this is going to reduce the risk of damaging the inner acrylic of your tub with such a large dose of chlorine or bromine added at once which should be done with caution!

Then add it to the existing water in your hot tub whilst testing for chlorine levels up to 10-ppm (parts per million) for best results, Then just leave it to soak with the hot tub cover ON for about an hour.

After that hour take your hot tub cover OFF and let it soak even longer whilst testing the levels of chlorine again, you might find the levels are way to high to bathe in so you MUST wait until the chlorine levels drop to the correct safe balance of at least 1 -3 PPM-(parts per million), Beware this could take days to settle down because of the sheer amount of chlorine initially added to treat the cloudy water.

If you decide to empty your tub, it’s recommended to give your tub a good clean with general household detergents and antibacterial products and give the tub a good rinse down with clean water before filling it back up with clean water where you would have to then repeat the above process to set your water balance correct again before you use it again.

Best Way To Treat Slimy Hot Tub Water:

Slimy water is usually a build up of biofilm microorganisms in your hot tub, biofilm builds up on the interior walls of your tub and in the plumbing pipes and jet systems, to spot biofilm you would usually see little white bits floating in your water and around the jet holes, this is known in the industry as hot tub plaque.

For best results is to completely empty your hot tub of all the slimy water, clean the inside of your tub and re-fill your tub with fresh water whilst treating the clean water with around a litre of biofilm flush cleaner and running your hot tub jets for a good hour or so to circulate the cleaning solution thoroughly, this will clean all the plumbing pipes inside your tub and the inside walls of your tub.

In this unfortunate event then it’s just your workload that is increased, As by recommended standards you should,

  1. Firstly completely empty your hot tub.
  2. Clean all the inside of your tub including jet holes and filters.
  3. Then fill it up with fresh water again.
  4. Add around one litre of biofilm flush cleaner to the new water.
  5. Then Switch the tub on with the jets turned on and run it for about an hour.
  6. Empty your tub again and re-fill with fresh water and add the usual chemicals to balance the water.
  7. Consider using a skin-friendly biofilm preventative that will also reduce the number of chemicals you will use going forward by nearly 80%, simply add two measures with the measuring cup provided once a week.

Your Hot Tub will The Be Ready To Use Safely Again Once You Have Done All The Water Balance PH Corrections As Explained Above, Then Your Good To Go Again.

The advice given here for the best hot tub water treatment is based on personal experience and product research, Should you have a question or you wish to suggest your experiences then please leave your comment in the comment box provided for you below, We always look to answer your questions within 24-hrs.

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