Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance

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If you have ever asked yourself how bromine hot tub maintenance is accomplished, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll explain how to get started as well as some benefits of using bromine instead of chlorine.

Bromine is a sanitizer used in hot tubs and spa water. all hot tubs heavily rely on sanitizer so it’s vital to use sanitizer in your water to keep the hot tub water clean and healthy and free from any bacteria growth.

I predominantly use bromine rather than chlorine in my hot tub for a number of reasons which I will share with you in this article.

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Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance – Simple Guide:

When it comes to hot tub sanitizers, the two most common choices are bromine and chlorine.

Each of these has its own benefits, but often bromide is the best choice for hot tubs.

Bromine is an important sanitization ingredient because it gets rid of bacteria and other harmful contaminants in your hot tub and reduces cloudy water and hot tub foam.

The pH level of bromine is acidic and can effectively remove contaminants found in hot tub water.

Quick Guide – Get Started With Bromine Hot Tub Chemicals:

Most people buy a bromine starter kit that includes all you need to get started which might be the easier option for you in the beginning.

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There are a few bromine hot tub chemicals you are going to need down the road to properly maintain your hot tub which we will be covering in more detail in this article below.

  • PH Testing Strips
  • Hot Tub Shock
  • Bromine Tablets
  • Floating Dispenser
  • PH Increaser
  • PH Decreaser

What Is Bromine For Hot Tubs & Why Not Use Chlorine

  • Bromine doesn’t irritate skin or eyes or cause redness. It’s gentler on hair and bathing suits.
  • It’s easier to keep up the maintenance because the pH level in bromine is lower.
  • Bromine helps to better maintain calcium hardness levels than chlorine which reduces hot tub scaling.
  • Bromine is more stable and doesn’t dissipate as quickly, so it’s not necessary to add it as often.
  • Bromine also works better in hot water than chlorine, making it an excellent sanitizer for hot tubs.
  • It also doesn’t smell like chlorine, so your whole experience will be more pleasant!

Bromine vs Chlorine – Hot Tubs?

Chlorine and bromine both kill bacteria and viruses in water, but they do it differently. Chlorine works by breaking down into hypochlorous acid, which oxidizes bacteria and viruses.

Using Bromine is more effective because it releases bromamines, which are active sanitizers that break down organic materials and kill microorganisms.

Bromine is less reactive than chlorine, so it doesn’t cause as much damage to spa equipment. It’s also easier to maintain the proper level of bromine in your spa than chlorine because it has a wider pH range (6.0-8.0).

Bromine has some advantages over chlorine, It’s easier to maintain a consistent pool pH level when you’re using bromine because it doesn’t evaporate as easily as chlorine does in warmer temperatures.

Plus, some people prefer the smell of a brominated hot tub over-chlorinated because the odour isn’t as strong or noticeable.

Another difference between chlorine and bromine is that chlorine reacts faster with bacteria, making it more effective for sanitizing your hot tub in colder weather.

The main difference between chlorinated hot tubs and brominated hot tubs is that chlorine is more effective at a higher pH level than bromine. That means you’ll use less chlorine to get the same results as bromine.

Chlorine is cheaper, fast, and effective but it’s harder to manage than bromine, The main disadvantages of chlorine are mainly the strong smell and less effective at lower temperatures when compared to bromine.

Bromine is more expensive initially, but many people find the benefits outweigh the higher cost.

Bromine has a much longer shelf life than chlorine allowing you to buy larger quantities at once.

How To Use Bromine In A Hot Tub?

There are two ways to use bromine in a hot tub.

The first is to use Brominated Tablets or Granules and the second is to use a floating Brominator.

The benefit of using a floating Brominator is that it is very easy and convenient to use. Just top up the Brominator with tablets and away you go.

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Firstly – Add bromine to your freshwater with the jets running to establish some level of bromine to get started. You should aim for 3-5ppm (parts per million) on your test strips for the correct bromine level.

Secondly – Add a non-chlorine shock to your water, this helps to combat any bacteria that may be lurking in the water. I recommended shocking your tub at least once a week and after each time you use your tub.

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Thirdly – Add some tablets to your floating brominator and introduce them to the water. This will help keep your bromine levels at bay whilst the tablets slowly break down and dissipate into the water.

How Many Bromine Tablets To Add To Your Brominating Floater?

The number of bromine tablets you need will depend on the size of your spa. Basically, you need enough bromine to keep a residual level of 3-5ppm (parts per million) in the water at all times to sanitize it efficiently.

It’s important that you understand how much bromine to add to your hot tub so that you don’t overdo it.

Start by adding 2 tablets, give it half an hour, Then test the pH level of the water using a test strip and adjust if necessary using a pH increaser and pH decreaser.

If you do overdo it, then you would need to drain off some water and then add fresh water to dilute the levels of bromine.

How To Shock A Bromine Hot Tub?

To shock a bromine hot tub, first, test your hot tub’s pH level with a test strip. Even if you already treated the water earlier in the day.

You will need to add non-chlorine shock directly into the spa water. A non-chlorine shock will oxidize and rid your spa of contaminants, leaving it clean and clear.

The amount of non-chlorine shock you add will depend on how many gallons of water your hot tub holds, but generally, you’ll want to add about 18-grams to each 1500-litres of water whilst running the jets to circulate the minerals.

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You’ll need to wait 30 minutes before re-entering the hot tub after shocking with this formula.

How To Raise Bromine In a Hot Tub?

Purchase pH increaser and bromine tablets from a local hot tub store or online retailer.

Test the pH of your water using your hot tub test strips or kit. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

If it is below this range then add the correct amount of pH reducer as indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions on your test kit or bottle of pH increaser.

Allow the jets to run and re-test after half an hour.

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How To Lower Bromine Levels in a Hot Tub?

To lower bromine levels your can either use a pH decreaser or simply drain some water off and add fresh water to dilute the levels of bromine.

  • Either way, you should pH test both before and after!
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How Long You Should Wait Before Using Your Hot Tub After Adding Bromine?

This depends on how much bromine you have added at any one time!

I recommend waiting for at least 45-mins then re-testing the pH levels of your water whilst looking out for levels between 7.2 and 7.6. before using your hot tub again.

Switching Chlorine To Bromine – Hot Tub:

To switch from chlorine to bromine is easy, you just have to start adding bromine to your hot tub instead of chlorine, It’s best to do this when chlorine levels drop.

The most efficient way would be to drain your tub and start over altogether with bromine.

If you decide to do this then it’s also a good time to flush the plumbing lines inside your tub with a hot tub line flush to clear out the chlorine and any contaminants such as biofilm altogether.

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Best Bromine For A Hot Tub:

The two best products I’ve used myself are Aquasparkle tablets and Suds online tablets with a floating dispenser.

If you’re just starting out then it’s advisable to get a bromine starter kit with all you need to be included.

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Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance:

There really isn’t a lot of maintenance as long as you keep on top of the small things you do have to do whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. Follow the simple steps outlined for you below.

Daily Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Use bromine test strips to check the bromine level daily.
  • Adjust the water as and when necessary with pH adjusters.
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Weekly Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Shock your hot tub every week inevitably. Also, shock your tub after each use.
  • Take your filters out and clean them by either soaking them in a household dishwasher detergent or baking soda Or using a specially made hot tub filter cleaner
  • Test your pH levels and adjust as necessary, if your water is out of the range between 7.2 and 7.6 then you can adjust with pH up or down until you have the correct balance.
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Monthly Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance

Monthly maintenance is pretty much the same as weekly if your tub and water is in a good state.

I recommend draining and re-filling with fresh water each month for best results and clean healthy water.

Change your filter for a new one each month, you don’t have to throw away the old one! If it’s in good shape then just clean it up for use next time you change the filter.

you can check out our hot tub maintenance guide to learn more about all the aspects of hot tub maintenance.

Top Tips On Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance:!

Don’t be lazy and make sure to check your pH levels every day or face the consequences of cloudy or foamy water.

Regularly clean your filters so the filters are working at their best, Clogged filters can quickly cause water problems.

Shock your hot tub water regularly, Doing this will massively cut down on the hot tub water maintenance you would have to do otherwise.

If you see calcium build up anywhere around your tub then act sooner than later if calcium hardness levels drop too low or too high it can not only play havoc with your water but start to damage the internals of your hot tub components.

Don’t skimp on cheap hot tub chemicals and always make sure you have the best hot tub chemicals to hand to avoid more hot tub chemical maintenance, Cheap chemicals can cause you a lot of unwanted problems going forward as they are just not as efficient as the more popular yet more expensive chemicals.

Wrapping Up:

Now we have covered all there is to know about bromine hot tub maintenance and what measures you need to take to keep your hot tub in good shape using bromine it’s time to wrap up.

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