Hot Tub Spa Reviews

Hot Tub Spa Reviews

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Hot Tub Spa Reviews And The Health Benefits:

Are you considering the purchase of hot tub spa or a hot tub swim spa, If yes, then you are lucky enough to be reading our Hot tub spa review because we have here some of the best reviews for you, these products are readily available in the market.

However, there are so many things you need to consider and deal with before making a final purchase. You also need to ask yourself,” is this worth the purchase?” “Are hot tubs good for your health?” 

we explain how you can benefit from a hot tub in many different ways from improving your health to general activity, we explain the benefits of finding the right tub for you. 

The process of purchasing tend to be easier if you are well informed and aware about hot tubs, their features, the amazing health benefits that come with them. If you ended up with a hot tub that suits you, you will surely enjoy a refreshing and bubbly treat for many years to come. 

Hot Tub-A Great Investment for the Home and for the Health 

There are many individuals who are questioning “Are hot tubs healthy?” What are the hot tub health benefits?” Many other questions are being raised by consumers but the fact remains that hot tub is worthy investment for the home and for the health of the individuals living in it. 

More than just entertainment and home improvement, hot tubs are great investments for the well-being and health. Many individuals who made their actual purchase revealed that they experience more energy, they begin to sleep better and feel more relaxed not to mention the time spent together in warm water can leads to deeper and better relationships outside the tub. 

Ideal Features of a Hot Tub

For an ultimate hot tub spa experience, the hot tub that you ought to choose should display the following ideal features: 

• Energy-efficient heater-ensure that the heater is able to transfer most of the heat produced into the water. 
• Adjustable sets-more options to adjust the strength and direction of water jets.
• Lower heat loss-how well the tub holds the heat when in standby mode and in use must also be considered, Some have built in timers you can set to come on and off at certain times to suit you.
• Secured cover-the best and most durable tub have well-sealed and tight hinges or seals to avoid heat loss. 
• Durable construction-excellent and functional hot tubs have durable construction and made from ultimately durable materials. 
• Simple maintenance-features such as cartilage filter can minimise the amount of hot tub chemicals and time needed to maintain the hot tub. 
• Reliable warranty coverage-a good purchase must be backed up with reliable warranty coverage. 
• Nice looks-it is worth choosing a tub that is not just functional but also catches the eyes. 

Hot Tub Health Benefits 

Many individuals probably heard about hot tubs but not all are aware of its amazing health benefits. The wellness benefits of hot tubs are commonly delivered in three ways,

1. The heat increases the circulation by means of dilating blood vessels 
2. The buoyancy relieves the joint stress by means of reducing your weight by about 90%
3. Powerful jets tend to sooth away tensions with a soothing massage

All these given elements work closely together to provide varieties of  health benefits which ultimately allow owners to live a more fulfilled and active lives. Other hot tub health benefits are highlighted below: 

Relief from Arthritis Pain and Stiffness 

The soothing buoyancy and warmth of warm water actually makes it an ideal and safe environment for relieving stiffness and arthritis pain. Immersing on warm water raises the body temperature therefore causing the blood vessels to dilate and then increase circulation.

Water exercises are also gentle means of exercising muscles and joints. Water also supports the joints to encourage some free movements and this may also act as resistance helping to build muscle strength. 

Reduces Blood Glucose Levels

Hot tub spa also benefits individuals suffering from Diabetes. This helps in reducing blood glucose levels. The water’s buoyancy helps patients who cannot manage to exercise on dry lands because of some physical reasons. This also raises body temperature causing blood vessels to dilate which further results to increased blood flow and circulation. 

Relieves Stress 

Hot tubs are known to put individuals in a more relaxing state which relieves stress levels. The warmth of the water as well as the pulsating jets offers a wonderful and satisfying massage experience.

This also relieves tension and relaxes bunched and tensed muscles. A hot tub can also lower your blood pressure due to stress. Using aroma therapy in the water can increase individuals’ relaxation experience. 

Knee Pain and Back Pain Relief 

Soaking into the hot tub also guarantees knee and back pain relief. There are some who even claimed that soaking into the hot tub is better than any other medications. Hot tub therapy is also proven to have long term benefits for individuals suffering from lower back pain. Consistent therapies mean improvement on health status. 

Better Sleep at Night 

Based on research, millions of individuals are suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders more than one night per week. Spending some time in a hot tub spa somehow helps them lead to a more peaceful and deeper sleep. 

Increased Mobility 

If you are one of those people suffering from arthritis, soaking into hot tub spa can certainly help ease the pain that you are constantly feeling will be reduced and mobility will increase. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health 

Soaking into hot tub spa stimulates exercise and increase the heart rate however; it does not increase blood pressure. In fact, studies revealed that individuals soaking and relaxing in a hot tub have decreased blood pressure. Regular soaking provides same health benefits of exercises however with less heart stress. 

These are just few of the many hot tub health benefits that you will surely appreciate and enjoy when you invest on a hot tub. Certainly, using this hot tub provides positive and lasting effects on your health. There are various studies that can prove its benefits. 

Hot tubs are now becoming more popular among thousands or even millions of homeowners all over the world. Aside from the style, the many health benefits are also one of the reasons that trigger individual to invest on this. Indeed, this is a worthy investment for the home and for the health.

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Best Inflatable Spa Hot Tubs – Reviewed:

Whether want a top notch solid hot tub or just an inflatable hot tub, we looked at a wide range of aspects to determine the best hot tubs for price and reliability, durability and functionality being the main three aspects we researched to identify what we think to be the best one’s.

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs:

Premium Quality Synthetic Leather – Made To Last Inflatable Hot Tub:

Only Available On eBay


The best but most unrecognised inflatable we could find whilst researching, this is a nice piece of good quality kit you don’t have to break the bank for yet it will last for years if kept well by it’s owners, comes with a few nice extras thrown it too

The tub really does benefit being made with synthetic leather which makes it much stronger than other materials that are being used to construct such units,

It’s simple to set up being a stand alone unit where everything is built into it including the heating system so there is no need to have an external heater like most other inflatable hot tubs, this one really stood out to us so we investigated further to find it has huge benefits like

  • Built in controls.
  • 130 Air Jets.
  • Comes with top cover with zip.
  • Holds 4/5 persons.
  • Stand alone unit, Built in heater, controls, filters.
  • Comes with free drinks holders, head rests and filters.
  • Available in two colours, black on black, Grey on black.
  • Sturdy well made stand alone unit.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Fold away storage bag included.



This unit will withstand what most others simply would not, you would expect a much longer shelf life from one of these, if your storing this in and out of the garage for instance, it’s going to stand a lot more in wear and tear compared to other inflatables, it’s strong and robust material make sure of that, this is a premium quality inflatable hot tub which should be taken notice of if you are seriously considering buying a tub for yourself.

What We Liked:

  • Looks And Durability.
  • Ease Of Use.
  • Value For Money.


What We Didn’t Like:

  • We Couldn’t Find Them Anywhere Else On The Internet.


Brand New Hot Tub, 4/5 person premium model, WE CAN DELIVERY IN 24 Hours

Item condition: New
Ended: Apr 28, 18:51 GMT


Canadian Spa Rio Grand – 4 Person Premium Quality Portable Hot Tub Spa:

Another premium grade sturdy hot tub only this one houses an external portable control unit rather than the stand alone unit we reviewed above, still it’s built with strength in mind again, this unit have more chance to stand the test of time and beat most inflatable hot tubs when it comes to how long it is going to be expected last you, you could say it’s far behind luxury hot tubs but it’s one of the last in line before you go luxury.

it will out last most inflatables as it has been constructed using a contour beam system wrapped in quality vinyl, a made to last unit that will take those minor snags no problem.

Compared to other Canadian spa units this one will cost you a bit more solely due to it’s high standard of build quality, it has great durability, it’s rigid where you will find it easier to clean, you will find it easier to move around, put away without snagging the material creating holes, It’s reliable qualities make it stand out amongst most of the inflatables on the market today.

The unit has a single speed with 88 jets, comes with a thermal cover blanket which helps to water stay warm when your tub is unoccupied, Holds 4 persons comfortably with water levels up to 74-cm, the jets you will find are powerful enough to feel the massage effect comfortably, holds 820 Litres with water levels up to 29-cm to be safe.

  • Plug in at home on your usual sockets.
  • External portable controls for easier maintenance.
  • Filtration system, High efficiency heater.
  • Massage function pump.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Simple to use functions



Overall a very good choice if your looking to buy a premium quality inflatable hot tub that is going to last the test of time, It’s going to cost more than your usual Lazy-spa units, mainly due to it’s sheer durability and better build quality, Great but not so easy to store as other inflatables due to the beam structure design.

What We Liked:

  • Good Solid Robust Unit.
  • The Built in Massage Feature Pump.


What We Didn’t Like:

Best-way Lay-Z-Spa Monaco – Rigid Walled Large Hot Tub Holds Up To 7 Persons:

The third contender amongst the sturdy inflatables which is worth a mention, a popular choice amongst folk with it’s robust walls and large capacity, it promises to keep its great shape with its sturdy looking figure, even with the water in, all in all a good strong unit though not so sure about storing such model unless you have appropriate storage or your keeping it in one place constantly.

The insulation in the walls correctly maintains the heat very well, the unit is efficient in all respects, durability is another good thing due to it’s highly durable surfaces.

It Has 87 air jets, Heats up to 40 degrees, Heats simultaneously whilst in bubble mode to save time, soft touch control unit, Cushioned floor with insulated internal walls, included inflatable cover.

  • Included repair kit.
  • Included 2 x filters
  • Included chemical floater.
  • Parts, Pump, Leatheroid Warranty


A nice looking unit with a healthy price compared to all the other lay-z-spa range, But, considering all the inflatables reviewed here we feel this one is up there with the other rigid inflatable hot tubs to a degree depending upon what you are looking for, it’s not a bad choice in all fairness but we feel we favour the other models over this particular model.

What We Liked:

  • A great looking strong unit.
  • Warranty Included.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Possible storage solutions with limited space.
  • Quite expensive for a lay-z-spa.


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