How To Finance A Hot Tub

How To Finance A Hot Tub
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If you are looking for information on how to finance a hot tub then you have landed in the right place here today, we partner with some of the leading hot tub suppliers across the UK who infact offer all types of deals to customers looking at hot tubs for finance,

Leading Partners Authorised and Regulated by the FCA (financial conduct authority)

We understand how expensive hot tub units can be to buy outright unless of course, you have all the money to pay up front, Thats the reason we present affordable finance deals to all of our customers.

These deals will range depending on how long you want to spread the cost for, spreading the cost over one year compared to spreading the cost over three to five years will depend upon how much interest you are going to have to pay,

Paying your finance deal off sooner will result in lower APR interest for you, Paying a larger deposit can also help bring the cost of monthly payments down.

Hot Tubs 0% Finance:

Deals are available at 0% APR to spread the cost over a 12 month period only,

You only pay back the amount you lend, No More No Less

These deals include hot tubs, swim spas or saunas, please see example below.

  1. Purchase Price – £3,000 – Over 12 Month Period
  2. 12 Monthly Payments @ £250 PCM
  3. Interest Rate @ Zero APR
  4. Total Amount To Re-Pay – £3,000


If your looking to spread the cost over more time which will of course bring down the monthly payment but there will be interest added to the loan at 9.9 APR which we still consider to be a great deal,

  1. 9.9 APR – Over 36 – 48 – 60 months
  2. Purchase Price £3000 – Over 60 Months
  3. 60 Monthly Payments @ £62.97
  4. Total Amount To Re-Pay – £3,778.20


We make applying for finance a simple process which can be easily done from your home computer or smart phone by filling out a simple online form.


We also offer a price match if you can find a cheaper deal anywhere else, Contact Us Here.

Things To Consider Before Applying For Finance:

  1. Do You Have A Good Credit Score.
  2. Do You Have The Means To Keep Up With Your Payments.
  3. Am I living Beyond My Means – OR – Can I Afford To Do This.
  4. Am I likely To Be Able to Pay My Finance Off Earlier than Required.
  5. What Happens If I Cant Keep Up With My Payments – Do You Have A Guarantor.


If the answer is YES to all the above considerations then you will more than likely be in a good position to apply for your finance deal today, Finance doesn’t have to be a burden on your back as long as you understand what your getting into and have the means to keep up to date with payments, then you can have the things you want in life without it breaking the bank.


We offer a hot tub hire service Across the north wales areas, we also partner with leading hot tub suppliers in durham who offer a wide range of tubs and swim spas for delivery & installation accross the UK –  england – wales, scotland and northern ireland, delivery costs will depend upon your location.

There are many benefits to having a hot tub in your home, the main one being the health benefits that comes with owning your own tub,

Although there are many more cheaper and more affordable options on todays market within the hot tub industry,such as the lay-z-spa or the much preffered canadian spa 

Buying yourself a strong robust unit will give you the piece of mind that your tub is going to out last All of these cheaper units that are really made for the smaller occasional parties in the garden for the family,

If well looked after these units can also last a long time, you must remember mainly to keep away from sharp objects such as broken glass and stones or sharp branches and be sure to have a good solid level ground free of any debris to place the unit on to prior to erecting your unit for best results in preventing any damages to your tub.

You may have learned a thing or two about how to finance a hot tub here today, If you have any questions or need any further information then please leave a comment in the comment box provided for you below, we will be happy to respond within 24hrs.

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