Looking to add a little more functionality to your hot tub? Then your in the right place if your looking for some hot tub surround ideas to spruce up the look of your tub and have the flexibility of plenty of storage compartments to store your goods such as towels, drinks and other accessories you might want to store very close to your hot tub for your convenience.

One of the best ways to spice up the look of a hot tub is to get a hot tub surround. They help to cover some of the inner workings of the hot tub offering further protection to the outer walls of your tub, while providing a stylish entrance to anybody hopping into the hot tub for a soak.

With so many types of hot tub furniture surrounds out there to choose from, how do you choose one that is going to be perfect for your hot tub? Well, we have a few hot tub surround ideas listed for you below to help you choose.

We know that everybody is going to have their own ideas about what they want to see in a hot tub surround. After all, we all have our own design tastes. The ideas shared on this page have been selected for the quality they boast, as well as their ability to fit into any aesthetic.

If you opt for any one of the surrounds listed below, we are confident that you will be more than happy with it.
Remember, when you are selecting surround for your hot tub, consider the following six things.

  1. The size and shape of your hot tub
  2. The style of surround that you want.
  3. You will want to pay special attention to the aesthetics.
  4. The quality of the hot tub surround.
  5. How easy the hot tub surround is to put together.
  6. Ensure that you have enough space to include the surround. These can be quite hefty in size.

In this review we cover only three hot tub surrounds based on most recently released items, sold items, sellers and manufacturer’s feedback and customer reviews, We only recommend product’s that we have either used, Or thoroughly researched, we find product’s that have been proven to be a hit with previous customers.

Best Square Hot Tub Surround - Poly Rattan Style

Our Rating -

Vida-XL Square Hot Tub Furniture Surround:

Square Hot Tub Furniture Surround


  • Constructed from water-resistant PE-Rattan
  • Steel frame construction
  • Steps constructed from solid acacia wood



  • Exterior dimensions of this piece of hot tub furniture are 268cm x 268cm x 55cm.
  • Interior dimensions measure 188cm x 188cm x 55cm, which should be fine for your average-sized hot tub.
  • However, you will probably need to measure your square hot tub to be double sure it’s going to fit.

Construction quality:
This Vidal-XL Square Surround utilizes a solid steel frame construction. The steel frame has been protected to ensure that constant exposure to the elements won’t cause it to rust.

On top of this solid steel frame, you will find PE Rattan. This is the ‘man-made’ version of Rattan. This means that you get to enjoy the beautiful look of this wood, but it is stronger and water-resistant. This ensures that the hot tub surround can easily last years of constant exposure to the elements and water falling out of the hot tub.

The design of this square surround is meant to be nice and modern, with a touch of more traditional elements thrown in for good measure. This ensures that the surround is able to fit into any decor with ease. The muted tones of the wood ensures that it will mesh well with your hot tub, no matter what colour it is.

The acacia wood steps help to complete the look. These steps provide a fantastic, hard-wearing wood for entry into the hot tub. It also makes everything look so much classier.


  • Construction built to last years
  • Pleasing aesthetics


  • The surround can be a little bit low for taller hot tubs.
  • Assembly can be complicated for the NON-DIY type person.


If you have a square hot tub and want something stylish, trendy, and hard wearing to surround it with, then this is one of the best hot tub surround you can purchase. Built to withstand years and years of regular use, this surround will offer you a real bang for your buck.

Suitable for just under 2-meter square hot tubs such as the lazy spa Hawaii, the Hawaii hydro-jet and the all new Ibiza model. Also suited to any other type of square hot tub within the size brackets mentioned here. “Most square hot tubs are around 2-meter square”

TIP – Always marry your hot tub up first to figure out where the external heater is going to be as there might well be an outer rattan panel in the way of fixing your heater/pump to your hot tub, For best results leave a rattan panel out when building your surround or try to neatly cut some holes out for the pipes to go through to avoid disappointment!

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Vidal-XL Round Hot Tub Surround

Our Rating -

Round Hot Tub Surround - Poly Rattan Style:

Round Rattan Style Hot Tub Surround




  • Outer diameter: 283-cm
  • Inner diameter: 203-cm
  • Height of surround: 55-cm
  • Height of step: 25-cm
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Poly Rattan material
  • Eucalyptus step

Built in storage area:
The built-in storage area of this hot tub surround will allow you to keep all of your most-useful hot tub accessories within easy reach.
Additional areas will allow you to keep the power pack of your spa well hidden, ensuring that the beautiful aesthetics of your hot tub are preserved.

Construction quality:
It is a powder-coated steel frame that forms the bulk of the construction of this hot tub surround. This will help to ensure that the hot tub surround can remain standing even through the most turbulent of British weather. The powder coating ensures that you do not have to worry about any rust appearing which could comprise the integrity of the structure.

The PE Rattan is an aesthetically-pleasing, weatherproof material which helps to ensure that the surround continues to look fantastic at all times. PE rattan is far better than using standard rattan in the UK. If you had a standard rattan hot tub surround, it likely wouldn’t last very long at all.

The PE rattan has a wicker style which helps to create a more traditional look. The design of this surround looks like it has been whipped out of Polynesia or something like that. Bring a touch of the south Pacific into your home.

The wooden eucalyptus step not only looks good, and helps to complete that tropical look, but it has been built to withstand even the heaviest footfall. You could be using this surround every day for years and we doubt that the steps would falter. They are just that good.

For the best fit, the diameter of your hot tub should be around 203-cm. No larger than that!

Most tubs are around 2-meters in diameter, it’s always best to measure up your hot tub before making any purchasing decision.


  • Solid construction capable of holding up in the British weather.
  • Fits the average size of round hot tub.
  • Hefty storage area for the most useful hot tub furniture accessories.
  • Capable of dealing with heavy foot traffic.


  • Can be tricky to put together. Requires only an Allen key, but can be fiddly.
  • No holes cut out for external hot tub heater to be fitted.


With ample storage space available, and a stylish wicker finish, this round hot tub surround is fantastic for anybody that wants to add a touch of pizzazz to their hot tub area. While it can be a bit tricky to put together, once everything is in place, it is going to stand nice and strong for years to come.

Suitable for round hot tubs with inner size of just under 203-cm like the Lazy spa Paris and the lazy spa palm springs or MSPA inflatable models, also suited to any round hot tub within the size brackets noted here.

TIP – Always marry your hot tub up first to figure out where the external heater is going to be as there might well be an outer rattan panel in the way of fixing your heater/pump to your hot tub, For best results leave a rattan panel out when building your surround or try to cut some neat holes for the pipes to go through!

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Surround For Inflatable Hot Tub

Our Rating -

Inflatable Hot Tub Furniture Set:

Inflatable Hot Tub Furniture Surround


  •  Easy to inflate surround.
  • I-Beam construction ensures stability
  • Made from Tri-Tech material.
  • Measures 200-cm x 40-cm x 40-cm.

Built for the Lay-Z-Spa
This inflatable hot tub surround has been designed to be used with the Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. While it can also be used with most round spas of the same size, it works best if you already have a Lay-Z-Spa.

This hot tub surround is designed to be dead simple to inflate. All you need is the pump that came with your Lay-Z-Spa and you will have it inflated within minutes. Alternatively, most pumps designed for inflatable mattresses should work well too.

While it is not the most aesthetically pleasing hot tub surround in the world, mostly because it is inflatable, for something like this, it certainly doesn’t look too shabby.
The grey colour of the surround ensures that it can easily fit in with most decors without overpowering them.

This inflatable surround uses TriTech material for its construction. This material is virtually puncture proof. If you do puncture it, then it should be easy to repair. As long as you are not pushing the hot tub surround to the brink by having it on a very hard surface, then it should last years.
The I-Beam construction adds some extra strength to the surround. This is important, because it has been designed to take weight whilst being sat on.

Includes Step:
Unlike many other inflatable surrounds, this one comes complete with an inflatable step, which makes it a lot more useful for when it comes to getting in and out of the hot tub.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Decent design for an inflatable
  • Works well with the Lay-Z-Spa
  • Solid construction


  • Won’t last as long as a metal/wood surround.
  • Will have to be periodically reinflated after use.


Inflatable hot tub surrounds are not going to be for everybody. However, for those that are looking for something a bit more affordable that still packs a punch when it comes to construction, this is probably the best option on the market if your on a budget.

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Tips On Choosing A Hot Tub Surround Furniture Set:

The Size You Need:

Always check the size of your hot tub to determine the size of the surround you will need before making a purchase to avoid disappointment, most square hot tubs are 2-meters and most round hot tubs are around 1-meter 80-cm but this can vary.

You also want to make sure you have enough space around your hot tub to allow room to add a hot tub surround

Storage Space You Need:

If your looking for storage space around your hot tub then there are plenty of use cases for the Rattan surrounds that can come in really handy,

You can use the top ledges for simple things like your drinks to save you holding it in your hand whilst bathing, you can use the underside internal cabinet spaces to store towels and spare clothing, store your cups and glasses neatly out of the way for easy access at the same as keeping things tidy in your garden.

The possibilities are endless depending what it is you want to store away in these handy underside cupboards and on the top side panels so we listed a number of ideas for you below.

  • Your hot tub chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.
  • Spare filters & Chemical floaters.
  • A set of basic tools for your hot tub
  • Kids inflatable floating toys & accessories.
  • Flip flops & trainers.
  • All types of Beverages.
  • Cold buffet type foods.
  • And much more to your preferences.

Your Budget:

If your on a budget then the inflatable surround is always your cheapest option and the more hard wearing rattan style surround is always going to be more expensive for obvious reasons such as the build quality and attractive design with loads of storage.

The inflatable is only really any good for sitting on and placing towels and clothes on where the rattan style offers much more in the way of storage both inside and out.

A Suitable Base To Sit Your Surround On:

If your looking at a rattan surround then you will need reasonally flat ground for the metal frame to sit snug to the ground,
the most suitable base would be a concrete base, the next best thing would be a ground laid with concrete slabs, next thing to this would be a good solid decking area so your surround can sit nice and evenly on the ground.

If your’e looking at an inflatable surround and placing it on flat ground such as a grass lawn or concrete slabs it may be advisable to use some sort of ground mat underneath to place your surround on top of to help protect the underside from punctures.

A suitable yet cheap ground mat would likely be a piece of waterproof thermal insulation or visqueen from your local builders yard should do the trick.

TIP – Just remember if your placing any type of ground mat on your grass, this will kill the grass eventually if left down for a period length of time so it’s a good idea to remove it when not in use.


The inflatable models only require you to blow them up with a suitable air pump and your’e up and running in minutes where the rattan models require a bit more attention to put together being made up of many different parts where you would have to follow the manufactures instructions which is quite complicate to follow in our experience so I included a video below to help you set up.

The Vidal-XL Square Rattan Hot Tub Surround Set Up:


Final Conclusion:

Though hot tub surrounds are not essential but more of an added luxury to your hot tubbing experience we’ve given you enough ideas as to what you can expect from installing one around your hot tub and we’ve also added some related items for you below that may well just fit your needs.

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