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Hot Tubs are pretty easy to maintain only really needing new filters and water treatment mainly through the summer months, but there is more hot tub maintenance required in the winter period to keep your hot tub in good shape which is why we have added all the spa hot tub accessories needed to do just that below.

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Keep On Top Of Your Hot Tub Maintenance:
Keeping up the maintenance of your hot tub is really important and you must keep on top of it or you may well start facing problems like blocked filters due to not cleaning the filters regularly,

Blocked plumbing lines due to biofilm build-up which will cause white floating bits in your water and water deterioration where your water could turn cloudy or foamy or even into green slimy water known as algae where you have not kept up on your hot tub water maintenance on a regular basis.

Keep On Top Of Your Water Maintenance:
These problems can be completely eliminated by keeping up with the correct water balance PH and alkaline levels your hot tub needs to stay in good shape,

Some say it’s a task to keep up with, but we say it’s more of a task when you don’t keep on top of these simple yet time-consuming things as you will end up spending more time in the long run to fix the worst case scenario issues that may well arise.

Below are some of the main hot tub accessories you will need to maintain your hot tub to keep it in good shape all year round, we have also included some fun type accessories you can add to your tub including floating LED lights with interchangeable colours and floating Bluetooth speakers to add some music to your party.

Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture Repairs:
If you have an inflatable hot tub like a lazy spa or an inflatable M-spa then you are more than likely to run into some type of snag to the inner or outer material as they are renowned for needing repairs from time to time where you can buy a hot tub puncture repair kit which we have also included below should you run into this problem yourself, It’s a pretty simple fix that is just like repairing an inner-tube on a bike wheel.

Cleaning Care Hot Tub Accessories:

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Hot Tub Water Care Accessories:

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Hot Tub Maintenance Tools:

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Fun Hot Tub Accessories:

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Hot Tub Repair & Maintenance Accessories:

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Hot Tub Replacement Filters:

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Thermal Blanket Hot Tub Covers:

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Now we have covered the accessories you’re going to need for your hot tub, we added a few helpful videos for some of the most common problems you will face with your hot tub and how to fix those issues should they arise, we’ve also added some helpful tips further down this page which will help you prevent these most common hot tub problems from happening in the first place.

How To Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water:


How To Get Rid Of Hot Tub Foam Build Up:


How To Fix Green Algae In Your Hot Tub:

We’ve covered most if not all spa hot tub accessories you should need for your hot tub going forward as well as some helpful videos to help you on your way to keeping your hot tub in really good shape for you and your family and friend to bathe in safely, Though there are a few extra tips you should know which we list for you below.

Top Seven Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub Water In Good Shape:

  1. Always ask your friends and family to shower before entering your hot tub because natural body oils, moisturizer, make-up, fake tan, or any other type of body product will soon be infecting your water, Period!
  2. Don’t pee in the water as urine is full of alkaline which will affect the water balance you corrected earlier.
  3. Try not to eat whilst in your hot tub as small crumbs will end up in your water infecting the water.
  4. Always cover up your hot tub after use to stop any insects getting in and any flying debris particles in the air from also getting into the water.
  5. Keep on top of your water chemistry by testing the water regularly with either a digital tester or a simple PH/Alkaline testing strip to check your water is at the correct safe balance.
  6. Regularly clean or even change your filters every three to four weeks.
  7. Completely drain your hot tub and change the water every three to four months. Period!
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