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Choosing the right tub for your budget can be tricky with so many options available, So we decided to put a guide together to help you decide what suits your budget for the best hot tubs under 5000.

Before we get into the hot tubs we decided to review below, We can agree that buying a new hot tub is an exiting time for anybody but you must get it right to avoid disappointment which could quickly become costly, 

It’s not like you can just put it back in the post box and send it back so you must be prepared both at home ready for both delivery and making sure your hot tub will fit in it’s chosen destination and access is gain-able to your tubs final destination.

There Are A Few Things To Bear In Mind When Your Thinking Of Buying A New Hot Tub, Use Our Guide Below To Learn More About The Delivery & Installation Process and How To Prepare Yourself And Your Property Prior To Delivery:

  1. You must make sure you get the right size hot tub to fit your space.
  2. You must make sure you have the access to allow your delivery to allow access the designated space for your hot tub.
  3. You must consider the final placement of your hot tub making sure of a solid foundation to the ground.
  4. You must consider how many people are likely to be using the tub at any given time as to the size tub you need.
  5. You must consider whether you want a Plug and Play 13-AMP Hot Tub that you can plug straight into your home sockets, As some tubs require a higher voltage which Will require an electrician to install.
  6. Consider how many extra features your going to get with your new hot tub such as how many jets, seats, whether it has Bluetooth speakers, Built in headrests, LED lighting, Water Fountains, Good quality heating controls such as Balboa
In this review we cover only three hot tubs based on most recently sold items, sellers and manufacturer’s feedback and customer reviews, We only recommend product’s that we have either used, Or thoroughly researched, we find product’s that have been proven to be a hit with previous customers.

Our Top Pick - Miami Spas Sagittarius Hot Tub

Our Rating -

Sagittarius Luxury Hot Tub - New For 2021

  • Luxury Happy Hot Tub Holds 5-6 Persons.
  • Dimensions -2.15 Metes x 2.15 Metres x 880-mm.
  • Jets x 54 Stainless Steel
  • Balboa 2-KW Heater & Gecko Smart Control Panel.
  • LED Lights Built In To Foot-well & Waterline Level.
  • 3 x Waterfall System Built In.
  • Fully Foam Insulated Base & Walls.
  • Bypass Filtration & Ozone Disinfection System.
  • Built In Headrests x 3.
  • Built In Speakers.
  • 32-AMP Electrical Supply Required (Electrician Required)
  • Comes With A Parts Only Warranty Limited To Exceptions Of Neglect.

Available In Only One Colour - Pearl Shadow With Grey Sides

Extras Included With The Sagittarius Luxury Hot Tub:

Top Cover lid Included:
Luxury hard wearing cover lid unlike others where you would buy the lid separately.

Bluetooth Sound System:
It has a built in sound system which is Bluetooth compatible allowing you and your friends to hook up your smart phones or tablets and play your favorite music whilst relaxing in your hot tub.

LED Lighting:

It has 9 x LED light in total, eight being around the perimeter of the tub, One to the foot-well that lights up the whole floor.

Build Quality:
The build quality is superb with no expense spared, Made up from sturdy aluminium outer frame with hard wearing composite paneling to the side panels with wood-grain effect finish that doesn’t only look good but will last for years whilst sat out in the elements of all weathers.

Seating up to 5/6 persons:
Being 2.15-Meter square it Comfortably seats 6-people, having one lounger and five seats, 3 with headrests for more comfort.


  • Seller is often subject to offers rather than the buy it now price.
  • Comes with everything you need without the need to buy further accessories.


  • Requires an electrician to install being 32-AMP.
  • Parts only warranty ( NO Labour Included )
  • There has been a price increase since our review.


This tub comes with a top cover lid, it has the 2-KW efficient Gecko control panel fitted, optional finance options available where you can spread the cost. We consider it to be one of the best choice in hot tubs under 5000. That said the seller has increased the price since we reviewed this hot tub! 

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Our Next Pick - The Venezia Hot Tub

Our Rating -

Miami Spas Venezia Premium Hot Tub - Seats 5-6 (1 Lounger)

  • Canadian Gecko Control System.
  • Gecko Controls Guide – Model – IN.K300
  • Adjustable Gecko Heater – 2-KW.
  • Adjustable Jets x 54.
  • Size Dimensions – 2150 x 2150 Square, 880-mm Height.
  • 8 x Colourfull LED Lights To Base & Water Level Line.
  • Water Capacity – Holds 1300-Litres.
  • Ozone System – 50mg/h.
  • Waterfall Fountain Jets x 3.
  • Free Insulated Cover Lid.
  • 32-AMP Electricity Supply – (Requires Electrician)
  • Aluminium Frame With Strong PVC Base. 
  • 3 x Headrests Built In.
  • Built In Bluetooth Sound System.

Canadian Gecko Control Panel - IN.K300

Learn the benefits you can expect from the state of the art Gecko control panel with it’s many functions including.

  • WI-FI – Connect to your home WI-FI connection.
  • Bluetooth – Connect to your smart devices and play your music through the built in speakers.
  • Economy Mode – Set your own temperature points in economy mode.
  • Temperature Regulation – Pump automatically runs to check accurate set temperatures.
  • Filter Cycle Duration – Manually adjust the duration of filtering using the control keys.

The Venezia hot tub is slightly larger than the previous Spa we covered above, Measuring up at 2150-M square with a platinum spas of 880-mm which allows you a little more leg room and comfort overall, The Bari hot tub has 54 air jets to help massage your body from every angle.

Fountain Water Feature:
It has three fountain functions built in which are made to help further with the relaxation process giving you a lovely effect whilst the water clashes with the soft LED lighting with the sound of soft running water while you relax.

Ozone Feature:
The Venezia also has a built in Ozone disinfectant feature that kills all bacteria’s and virus’s whilst releasing a powerful oxidising agent, the ozone feature also drastically reduces the amount of chemicals you need to add.

Available Colours:
Only available in one colour, white inner acrylic lining and grey composite wooden outer panelling which looks modern and stylish to be fair, the composite outer panelling is strong and robust, it will stand the test of time outside in all weathers.

About The Miami Venezia Hot Tub:


Product Details:
The Miami Spas Venezia made by platinum spas is made with the highest quality American Aristech Acrylic, strong, sturdy, made to last cabinets made up of Aluminium frame with strong PVC base, Fully insulated with ozone built in for safer water. 

The hot tub can also be wired by the delivery team providing you have your electrics pre-installed ready to wire up, Should you not have an electrician to pre-install for you then the installation team offer a separate electrical service to help you get set up.

Setting Up The Tub:
The delivery team also help with setting up the tub, filling with water, adding chemicals and giving you an overview of all the functionalities of the hot tub control panel so you wont be left in the dark after the team guide you through all the critical pointers you need to know about the hot tub and it’s required maintenance going forward.


  • Seller is often subject to offers rather than the buy it now price.
  • Spacious hot tub with more than average amount of jets.
  • Ozone feature built in to fight bacteria & Virus’s.
  • Comes with quality cover lid.
  • Delivery and installation options available.


  • Requires an electrician to install being 32-AMP.
  • Parts only warranty ( NO Labour Included ).
  • No steps included.
  • Only available in one colour.


Overall it’s a spacious tub with lots of jets-54, Manufactured by platinum spas who are renowned for quality, would be better if it was available in different colours and offered steps with the deal, apart from that a 3-KW heater may have maybe been more effective to speed up the initial heating of the tub.


Our Last Pick - The Aquila New For 2021

Our Rating -

Modern Aquila Hot Tub Spa - 13-AMP


  • Seating Capicity – 5 People – 2 x lounger – 3 x Seats.
  • Size Dimensions – Square – 2000-mm length. 2000-mm-width. 820-mm height
  • Jets – 34 x Adjustable Rotational & Direct – Waterfalls x 3.
  • Balboa Heater – 3KW – 220 240-VAC
  • LED Mood Lighting – Colour Changing.
  • Balboa Heating & Control Systems.
  • Electric – 13-AMP
  • Luxury Lockable Insulated Top Cover.
  • Built In Bluetooth Sound System.
  • Built In Headrests x 3.
  • Water Capacity – 1500-Litres.
  • Strong Aluminium Frame.

Modern Looks:
The Aquila is a nice looking modern hot tub, Finished in heavy duty composite wood panels to the exterior that also has inside insulation that helps keep the heat in, It has stylish interior mood setting LED lighting.

Strongest Acrylic Reinforcement System:
The interior of the tub is made up of multi-layers including 2 x layers of foam isolation, 2 x layers of resin fiberglass, 1 x epoxy resin layer topped with a layer of the strongest Aristech acrylic.

The PS base is made up with an inner 10-mm protective PVC board that will help to keep out the rain, dirt and pesticides.

UV Disinfectant System Built In:
The Polar has a built in filtration system that reduces the need for you to keep adding chemicals to your water as the germicidal UV light rays actually sanitize your hot tub for you, Resisting algae build up, also resists bacteria’s and virus’s infecting your water whilst massively reducing the time you might spend treating your water otherwise.

Mood Lighting LED’s:
The Polar has a large chromotherapy LED light built into the foot-well with more colourful LED’s to the to the waterfalls, foot-well and the cup holders which makes for a modern look and helps in setting the right mood for you to enjoy your tub to the maximum.


  • Modern looking composite wood look finish with internal LED lighting strips.
  • Seller is often subject to offers rather than the buy it now price.
  • Has the latest Ozone UV filtration system technology reducing maintenance time whilst producing safe water.
  • Luxury cover Included.


  • Only has 34 jets.
  • Parts only warranty ( NO Labour Included )
  • No Steps Included


Overall a very nice looking modern style hot tub with all the top spec balboa features you would expect from a hot tub under 5000 with the added benefit of the new technology UV filtration system to help enormously with the water maintenance, overall not a a bad choice in 13-AMP hot tub if you want the modern looks and you don’t mind buying steps separately.

Amazon Pick's

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Most Frequently Asked Hot Tub Questions:

How Do I Best Prepare For My Hot Tub Delivery ?
  1. The main things to do are
  2. Measure up to make sure access is available.
  3. Have your designated area for the tub ready to place the tub on making sure it’s level ground.
  4. Make sure to have your electric ready to power up your tub.
  5. Make sure you have a hose pipe ready to fill up your tub.
How do I Prepare The Ground Ready For A Hot Tub

There are a number of different bases you can use for different types of hot tubs, after researching ideas and testing products we wrote an article on the best base for a hot tub that covers all the most popular hot tub bases including concrete, patio flags, decking, gravel and prefabricated hot tub bases.

Do I Need A Crane To Lift My Hot Tub Into Place ?

Cases where a crane would be required is usually when no other access applicable, either through the house or your side gate to your back garden, If that is not going to be possible then a crane may well be required, Always ask your hot tub dealer to arrange this for you before you commit to buying.

Why Do I Need An Electrician To Wire Up My Hot tub ?

Hot tubs are either 13-AMP household sockets which you can plug straight in to. Then you have a 32/40-AMP which both require hard-wiring to power the tub safely using a 3-core cable and a IP65 45-AMP rotary isolator switch for a singular electric supply to your tub only. Other options are 13-AMP plug and play hot tubs which will plug straight into your home power sockets.

How Do I Treat The Water So It's Safe & Ready to Bathe In ?

First you need to fill the tub and shock the water with chlorine granules whilst turning the tub jets on to mix the water, then use testing strips to test the water PH levels for the correct balance.

Should I Keep Water In My Hot Tub In Freezing Conditions ?

Absolutely NOT unless your running the tub hot, Otherwise leaving your tub out full of water and turned off will more than likely result in freezing the water pipes inside the tub which will expand whilst frozen, Then when thawed you can expect leaks from them frozen pipes after they have expanded causing them to slightly enlarge leaving gaps for water to then escape. 

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub ?

You can expect your electricity bill to increase by around £10-per week for regular use.

Can I Use Hot Water To Fill Up My Hot Tub ?

Not recommended as this could cause damage to the interior acrylic panels, This results in cracking and blistering to the surfaces while the acrylic is only made to withstand the temperatures set by the tub itself. It can also confuse the heating system causing further problems. 

How Long Does It Take For A Hot Tub To Heat Up From Cold ?

Depending on the power of the heater attached to your hot tub will depend on how long it will take to heat up, You can expect most tubs to take 9/10 hours, For best results It’s best to plug it in and check the water manually.

How Often Should I Change The Water In My Hot Tub ?

This will depend on how often it is used, by how many people, whether you have kept up on your water maintenance, For best results it’s recommended to change your water each and every month or so whilst keeping up on your water treatments.

Is It Cheaper To Leave My Hot Tub On All The Time ?

If your planning on using your hot tub regularly then rather than turn it off, it’s best to just turn the temperature down until your ready to use it, then turn it up again half an hour before you jump in.

How Do I Prepare My Hot Tub For The Winter ?

There is a few necessary steps to take to prepare your hot tub for the winter period, It all depends whether your going to run your hot tub or you are shutting your hot tub down for the winter period


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