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Best 6 Person Hot Tubs

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Iv’e put together a short list of five hot tubs below, These are what we think to be the best 6 person hot tubs currently available with a few reasons why I think they are the best after doing a tonne of research on the models listed below.

We’ve also included some other hot tubs and included a helpful buyer’s guide and a FAQ’s section to hopefully answer any questions you may have about hot tubs.

The reviews below are based on either actual product use or have been heavily researched both online and in retail outlets.

A hot tub is a tried and true method for reducing stress and treating yourself. The hot water and jets can also help to ease any aches and pains you might have, in fact, hot tubs come with many health benefits.

The issue is that most permanent hot tubs can run up bills up to tens of thousands of dollars, use huge amounts of energy to heat up, and take heavy maintenance to keep smoothly running.

Permanent hot tubs are also much bigger and once fitted would take a large amount of manpower and a hefty investment to move. 

If you haven’t got the space in your garden or on your terrace then fitting a behemoth of a hot tub; with its filtration system and its need to be plugged into the main water line, a permanent hot tub could be a terrible investment. 

Thankfully there are much easier to handle inflatable hot tubs which are much more cost-effective options available. 6-person hot tubs can be small enough to fit on a patio whilst still being able to give you that hydrotherapy that you might need after a tough day at the office or an intense gym session.

What’s more, is that most of these hot tubs listed here on this page are inflatable meaning you can deflate your hot tub for easy storage once you’ve had a dip. The inflatable models also decrease the water and running costs. A standard amount of chemicals can last you months if not years if used correctly. 

Our Top Choice In The Best 6 Person Hot Tubs – Intex Pure-Spa Greywood Deluxe:

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Top Choice

The Pure-Spa Deluxe from Intex is the most premium inflatable hot tub currently on the market. With all of its features and accessories, you’ll never need to pay for a spa day again. 

This 6 person tub has a capacity of 290 gals of water and measures 85 inches in diameter meaning you won’t have to worry about the group fitting in together. 

Intex uses a Laminate PVC with their patented Fibre-Tech material that is flexible and has high heat retention whilst still being lightweight.

The 1300W heating system is powerful enough to heat the total volume of water in very little time. There is also a timer system that allows you to slowly preheat the tub before use.

The filtration system has a flow rate of 460 gals/hour and can easily keep up with the capacity. It also comes with a hard water treatment system built-in.

This is a circular tub with a diameter of 85 inches.

When running at high temperatures the tub can cost you quite a bit in electricity costs but the powerful filtration system can reduce your total running costs.

The tub comes with a large number of different accessories and features including an insulated cover, 2 foam headrests, a built-in inflation system, and a battery operated LED light.

The floating chlorine dispenser also helps with cleaning.


  • With a diameter of 85 inches this is more than big enough for a party of 6.
  • The insulated cover, ground cover and inflation system make it so that you can set this tub up quickly.
  • The wireless control panel is easy to use and feels premium.
  • There are 170 bubble jets that work to soothe you and increase relaxation.
  • Built in hard water treatment system.


  • If the battery operated LED light isn’t tightly fastened it can become damaged.


Our top choice because this tub has been so well made it put inflatable hot tubs in a different class, it’s comfortable to the touch and feel as it’s made with excellent quality materials, it’s very sturdy when blown up, it holds the heat in very well compared with other hot tubs and comes with everything you need to get set up all in one box, it also boasts numbers of positive online reviews with many happy customers.

Intex Greywood Deluxe PureSpa - 4 Person - Item includes 2 x Foam...
  • There is nothing like a soothing, warm soak surrounded by thousands of...
  • Incorporating 140 heated bubble jets with Intex's unique patented...
  • The easy-to-use control panel activates the high-performance bubble...
  • The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference...
  • PureSpa provides simple maintenance with easy-to-replace filter...
  • Now with a built-in hard water treatment system making water gentler...

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Runner Up In The Best 6 Person Hot Tubs Is The – Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki:

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub, 180 AirJet Wood Effect Inflatable Spa with...
Runner Up

Similar to the last tub this is also an inflatable tub with a wooden effect on it. The 71-inch tub has thinner walls than the last tub and therefore has a similar capacity despite its smaller diameter. known to fit up to 7 average sized people

This hot tub is constructed from a triple layer puncture-resistant vinyl that has been split into separate panels to increase the heat retention. 

The all in one pump solution makes this hot tub perfect for smaller spaces and can easily be used on decking. The pump not only filters and heats the water but it also inflates the hot tub and takes up very little space. 

With a circular shape and thinner walls this tub actually has a capacity of 297 gals and plenty of room for everyone to fit in.

Unfortunately due to the thin walls the water needs to be pumped through the heater a bit more to keep it up to temperature. Bestway also added an energy-saving preheat feature to reduce running costs. Despite this Bestway includes a ChemConnect dispenser to distribute chlorine while the tub isn’t in use. Hot tub running costs aren’t huge but your electricity bill will show the sign of having this hot tub. 

This tub doesn’t come with a large number of extras but you are able to easily get up and running with the included insulated cover, the pump, chemical dispenser, and filter cartridges. You don’t get a lot of extra luxuries but the essentials are all you need.

There are 83 bubble jets built into the base to increase your spa experience.


  • With its thin walls this tub actually has a higher capacity than the last one on the list (up 7 people). 
  • With a power saving timer and a maximum temperature of 104° you get a spa experience at home.
  • The Chem-connect dispenser connects to the filter nozzle to evenly distribute chlorine. 
  • This no tool assembly makes it easy to put together.
  • Suitable for all year round use with winter freeze technology built in.


  • The thinner walls reduce overall heat retention but increase the internal capacity.


The runner up choice because it’s an award winning hot tub at the same time as being one of the top sellers in the UK, It’s a good choice for those who are looking for a large 6/7 person hot tub they can use all year round, it’s extremely well made with hard rigid walls, yet very comfortable, you can expect this hot tub to out last most inflatables in it’s price range, It also boasts a number of positive online reviews.

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub, 180 AirJet Wood Effect Inflatable Spa with...
  • FREEZE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: ensures that the water doesn’t freeze on...
  • MASSAGE SYSTEM: The soothing 180 AirJet system gives you an...
  • ULTRA-RIGID DROP STITCH MATERIAL: for unrivalled strength and...
  • SET UP IN MINUTES (TOOL FREE): Lay-Z-Spas require no professional...

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Third Choice In The Best 6 Person Hot Tubs Is The – Intex Pure-Spa Plus Inflatable:

Intex 6 person hot tub
Third Choice

This is the slightly less premium version of our top pick. It functions virtually identically to that model without a couple of the premium features included. 

With the same dimensions as the PureSpa Plus it has an 85-inch diameter and a 290 gals capacity. 

The materials are also exactly the same with a triple layer laminated PVC and Fibre-Tech beams being used to create the main body of the tub.

This one also has a 1300W heater that can be used to quickly heat up the water or using the power saving feature to slowly preheat. The filter is also powerful enough to keep large debris out of your way. 

The major difference between the 2 tubs is the external covering, the control panel, and the headrests. The external covering is slightly less robust and isn’t textured like wood, the control panel is fixed to the pump and can only be tilted instead of being wireless, and the headrests are inflatable instead of being made from high-quality foam. 


  • High quality Intex build quality and reliability. 
  • The high flow rate and proprietary filters can easily keep the tub clean and feeling premium.
  • The 170 bubble jets massively increase the relaxation factor of the tub.
  • The puncture resistant 3-ply PVC is durable enough to be sat on grass for long periods of time.


  • The inflatable headrests have rough edges along the side and can be uncomfortable in the wron