Hot tub retailers website was initially created as a hot tub hire company at the beginning of 2016 by myself and my brother, we soon stalled on the hot tub hire business after two years due to small returns for our efforts.

That said we continued creating new content for this website related to what we learned about hot tubs over the years to share with the world.

Our inspiration for hot tubs came from working in the Surrey area’s of London where we worked as pool maintenance technicians, we worked on a lot of both indoor and outdoor pools and a fair few hot tubs we used to maintain on a regular basis.

Our expertise in both inflatable hot tubs and hard shell hot tubs became extensive after running our former hot tub hire company where we ran into the most common problems with hot tubs.

We had numerous brands of hot tubs in stock ready to hire out, from basic inflatable hot tubs to the medium-range hard sided hot tubs

In the process of hiring, We learned a lot about the best hot tubs and the not-so-good tubs available in today’s market and we still continue to share this here on our website.

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Whilst working in surrey as pool maintenance technicians for just over four years as brothers by the way! We were lucky enough to work in beautiful houses with swimming pools all the time. This was our main business model and our income from pool maintenance duties in the most amazing surrey homes.

We still, and always will continue to share our knowledge here on our website for our readers to learn all there is to know about hot tubs, swimming pools and water maintenance.


We are affiliated with advertisers and affiliate networks. This means if you buy through links on our website, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This gives us more incentive to continue to create helpful content for our readers on our website.

We share how content such as how-to reviews, product comparisons, and buyers guides to readily available products that help our website visitors make a choice about what’s the best option for them. if any! Our reviews are based on a few factors which are listed below.

Actual Use Of Products:

We review products that we have actually used, though we don’t buy every product you may see in our reviews on this website, we deeply research products we haven’t used in other ways as you can see below.

Highly Researched Products:

We take product research to the next level when it comes to us even wanting to include any product in one of our written review content. If we don’t own the product!

We Literally GET IN THE CAR, Hit the shops looking for new ideas on all the available real-time shop floors where we test by touching and feeling the products to determine the quality, We will ask for the shop attendant’s advice on all the product’s we are looking to review

We do this because, People who are selling hot tubs and pools should know what they are talking about so were all ears when speaking with the shop attendants, where we then spell this information out on our website to help our readers.

Online Review Monitoring:

We monitor online reviews where we look deep into the good and bad reviews to be found everywhere online by using clever google searching techniques to find a specific base of information quite quickly on any website/product.

We then use this information to help us create new content for our readers.

Our Website Reviews:

When reading our reviews here on our website, You can expect our best product choices at the top of the page as our best choice, Or in our quick-read comparison tables. and the less rated products as our second or last choice.

We do tend to compare only the top three best choices in our reviews to keep things easier for our readers to make a much quicker buying decision and we swerve all the fluff with the bad products that are not worth pursuing or reviewing based on our research.

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