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Luxury Hot Tubs:

It’s the perfect time of the year to consider buying a luxury hot tub. Relaxing in a tub in the comfort of your own home can create a nice relaxing and peaceful retreat for you, your family, and friends but you have to get it right when you are thinking of buying one, It’s all in the planning and knowing what you want.

You must pre-plan things such as the space you have for a hot tub and the access to that space for the delivery whilst also considering a number of other things like lighting, seating, jets, power supply, price, and much more which we’re going to get into right now so stay tuned.

7-Options To Consider When Buying A Luxury Hot Tub:

SIZE: One of the options that you need to consider when buying a luxury spa is the size you’ll need.

The first thing to think about is where you are planning on putting your tub, whether it be in the house or in the garden, you need to be sure that the designated space is going to house the unit you decide to purchase,

Most hot tub sizes typically range between 78 and 84 inches in width and length, with a usual diameter of 110 cm deep,

Typical size options For a Hot Tub:

  • 2-4 Persons is Typically – 5.4-ft to 7-ft, Length, 5.4-ft to 6.8-ft, Width, 29 to 35-inches Depth.
  • 5-6 Persons is Typically –  6.6-ft to 7.9-ft, Length, 6.4 to 7.9, Width, 33 to 3- inches Depth.
  • 7+ Persons is Typically – 7 to 9-ft, Length, 7 to 9, Width, 36 to 38 inches Depth.

Hot tubs are typically sold by seat size, which is dependent on the number of people that you can fit in the tub and experience the comfort of the tub at the same time.

If you’ll mainly be using the hot tub just with your partner or loved one, a 2 to 4-seat model may well work best for you. If you’re planning to use the hot tub with family or friends, then you should consider the larger 5 to 6-seater models that can accommodate more seating options.

If you decide you need the biggest tub available without the need to go for a swim spa then you would want to be looking at the 7 seater hot tubs which should accommodate your needs

SEATING: It’s also important for you to decide on the seating configuration when making your hot tub size selection.

There are built-in seats so you can either lounge sit upright or recline if you prefer, so be sure to check the seating arrangements if you are considering purchasing, to accomplish this task you would need to look closely at the available pictures and closely read the specifications for each model your interested in to be sure you pick what best suits you.

NUMBER OF JETS: Is another thing that needs to be considered is the number and types of jet for you spa hot tubs.

Some people view the jets as therapeutic and soothing, while others favor the still water in relaxing their bodies. You can also choose between a few jets, no jets, or as many as you want.

The jets in luxury hot tubs are manually adjustable and allow you to change the flowing water’s direction to suit you. The seats are also built with massaging jets that target your back, shoulder, and/or neck area which is perfect for helping to heal back pain or a stiff neck.

LIGHTING: The next thing that you need to consider is the kind of lighting that you desire.

They’re constructed with accent pin lighting and underwater lighting. These can only be basic or include some colours in order to create the kind of mood you desire. If you want a coloured underwater light, it will illuminate the water and reflect whatever colour you’ve chosen to set the mood you are looking for.

BUILT IN TV & STEREO: The final importance amenity that you need to consider in is the upgraded TV and stereo options offered.

The luxury spa hot tubs can also come with wired built-in speakers and stereo in order to play CD’s or the radio or even stream music via Bluetooth providing the built-in speakers are compatible with Bluetooth, if not then this is still possible with a Bluetooth transmitter.

Electric Supply To Your Hot Tub: Plug and Play 13-Amp-OR-Hard wired 32-Amp: You firstly need to understand the difference on the mains power supply on different tubs.

If you are prepared to have an electrician set up the electrics required for your hot tub if your looking at a 32-Amp hot tub OR. you want to make things simple with a 13-Amp hot tub that you can just plug into your household sockets.

The difference between a 32-amp and a 13-amp boils down to the main power supply and the performance of the hot tub, Mainly where the jets, pumps, and heater are concerned, a 32-amp will run the all components at once with no problem at all.

Where the 13-amp will only run certain components one at a time in increments because it lacks the power to run all elements such as the heater, pump, and jets all at once like a 32-Amp.

Delivery & Installation Checks:

Always check that you will be able to get the tub in through the house or through the garden, this will also depend on the size of the tub you want, ensure that you study the dimensions of your selected tub and double-check access is going to be available prior to delivery and installation.

Remember the tub can also be turned sideways to get through standard size main front doors and internal doors which range from standard 30 inches to 36 inches, Alternatively, you can also make use of side alleys, fences, and side walls that may access your back garden.

Most installers use plant machinery such as lifting cranes to lift the unit to the desired spot in your garden,

You must make sure that if you cannot access your back garden by having the installation team manually lift the unit that there is going to be some sort of access such as over your side fence/wall for a crane to lift it for you prior to ordering or you could quickly run into costly problems which you don’t need.

TIP: Always look for reputable companies that offer the best deals on delivery and installation or even better, Free delivery and installation.

It’s no question that hot tubs add tranquillity and luxury to your life. But, did you know how hot tubs can be very beneficial to your health? There are lots of benefits to your health

The pressure of the powerful adjustable jets will massage your aching body with the hot temperature which also help you relax and wind down, and the sound of flowing waters can relax your body and ease your mind. a great place to unwind from a very stressful day.

Hot tubs are a great addition to a relaxing party with your family or friends. If you’re looking for extreme luxury, you can also consider buying units where you have a built-in TV where you can watch your favorite channels whilst relaxing in the tub, or watching your favorite music channels. Some luxury spa hot tubs do come with a built-in pop-up, motorized TV.

Keep in mind that these entire luxury hot tub options and amenities are personal preferences. Be sure to choose what’s important to you and what you think you’d enjoy the most, after all these tubs don’t come cheap by any means, No matter what you decide on,  you’re guaranteed to create a peaceful and relaxing retreat to be enjoyed for several years to come.

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