How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub Daily?

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Some people use their tubs all year round, and keep them running all of the time, which can lead you to wonder…how much does it cost to run a hot tub daily?

At the time of updating this article in 2023, electricity cost is roughly 20p per kWh depending on your supplier, a hot tub typically takes 15-hours to heat up which adds up to 30-kWh of electricity which will cost you around £6 to heat from cold.

Once your hot tub has heated to its max temperature, you will then have the heater kicking in automatically when the temperature drops which will cost you 20p per kWh for the duration the heater is in operation, you can expect the heater to kick in around 6 times over 24-hrs using roughly 12-kWh of electricity @20p per hour which amounts to £2.40

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To reduce your hot tub running cost’s, you should learn ways to heat your hot tub water up faster and to properly insulate your hot tub.

By having a hot tub running every day, you can most likely expect a rise in your electricity bill, as hot tubs require a lot of power in order to maintain that perfect, constant temperature ready for you to dip in.

But it may not be as expensive as you thought it would be. Let’s take a look at the details! 

Can You Run a Hot Tub On Solar Power?

The good news is that, yes, you can run a hot tub on solar power! By using green energy from sunlight and utilizing it to run your hot tub, you can enjoy the tub, and heat it up without the extra running costs. 

By using solar panels, you can capture the energy from the sunlight, and use that to heat up your hot tub instead of using electricity. This will work in exactly the same way, but for a fraction of the cost.

Some studies have shown that by heating up the hot tub with solar power, you can save up to 70% of the energy costs, which is a massive difference in your electricity bill! That said there is going to be an initial cost of getting solar panels set up in the first place.

Not only is solar energy much cheaper for your wallet, but it is also better for the environment, and is more environmentally friendly.

This means that you can enjoy the hot tub, whenever you want, completely guilt-free!

Can You Heat A Hot Tub With Propane Gas?

Yes, you can run a hot tub with propane gas as long as you are willing to invest some time and money setting it up in the first place, If you do you can expect to save money compared to using electricity because using propane LPG gas to heat your hot tub is much cheaper than using electricity.

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use Per Month?

If you are considering buying a hot tub, then you will need to know about all of the costs, not just the cost of the tub itself.

Running a hot tub can drain the energy a little, and so you are probably asking yourself how much this will cost you in electricity. 

However, there is no simple answer as the amount of energy used per month depends on the size of the hot tub, how well it is protected and insulated internally, whether you use a complete hot tub cover to help keep the heat in, the climate, and the cost of energy where you live.

The amount of electricity you use will also depend on whether you have an insulated foam walled hot tub that will help keep the heat in and reduce the running costs of your hot tub,

Or a basic inflatable hot tub with power outages of 13-AMP plug & play type hot tub, or a 32-AMP hot tub which will take a little more electricity to run as the 32-AMP hot tubs are more powerful.

In addition, this will be affected by how often you use the hot tub, and whether you keep reheating the water or not.

It is best to keep the water at a steady temperature, as this uses less energy and electricity than if you leave the temperature drop, and keep reheating it.

You should keep the hot tub running when not in use as this will actually save you money and energy in the long run! 

How Much Will a Hot Tub Raise My Electric Bill?

If you want to buy a hot tub, then you will need to think about how this will affect your energy bill.

The truth of it all is that there is no real answer to this question, as every hot tub is different, and may cost various amounts to run it. 

However, there are a few things that you can take into consideration as they will affect the increase in your electricity bill.

You can take some extra steps to heat your hot tub up much faster than just plugging it in and waiting for up to 15-hours.

You should also consider how much you actually use your hot tub and whether or not you should leave your hot tub running all the time or turn it off after each use

For instance, you will need to know the voltage of the water heater, as this will tell you how many watts it uses, and how much this will cost on your electric bill.

For example, a 240V water heater may use around 6,000 watts. From this, you will need to know the cost of your electricity, per kilowatt-hour, to see how this will increase your electricity bill. 

Then think about how many hours a month you would spend in the tub, and multiply that by the number of kilowatts the hot tub utilises.

That being said, you can always reduce the costs by selecting an energy-efficient hot tub,  or one that will use as little energy as possible.

These types of hot tubs often have heat locking technology that can trap in and reuse the heat from the water to keep the temperature up and save you time and money reheating it.

In addition, you will want to conserve the heat by covering the hot tub as soon as you are out of it, and keeping the cover on when not in use.

On the other hand, you can invest in sealed coverings around the tub, to provide extra insulation during the cold months to prevent any heat from escaping and conserving energy.  

Is It Expensive To Maintain a Hot Tub?

In order to maintain your hot tub, you will need to have all of the chemicals and testing equipment to keep the water safe and ready for use.

For most hot tubs, you will need to use bromine or chlorine to keep the water balanced and hygienic.

However, you can purchase hot tub chemicals online cheaply, such as this, and keep on top of the maintenance yourself.

For example, a basic level of hot tub maintenance, using bottled chemicals will cost you around $20 a month.

Wrapping Up

Now we’ve covered all the ways that we know of that can help you bring down the cost of running your hot tub on a daily basis, it’s up to you to take the advice explained here to cut the costs of running your hot tub going forward.

If you have further ideas to cut hot tub running costs, or you are looking for more advice, then please use the comment box provided for you below to share your knowledge or ask a question, we will always respond to you within 24-hrs.

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