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Today, we’ll be covering the top three Intex portable hot tub reviews. We cover only the best intex hot tubs based on most recently sold items, sellers and manufacturer’s feedback and positive customer reviews,

We only recommend product’s that we have either used, Or thoroughly researched, we find and review product’s that have been proven to be a hit with previous customers. we also know a bit about hot tubs!

Remember to check out our buyer’s guide, which you can find below, to further learn how to choose your perfect portable hot tub!

Now that the days are getting longer, many of us are dreaming of relaxing evenings lounging in the hot tub. 

A hot tub makes a fun and luxurious addition to any garden and will provide you with hours upon hours of relaxation during both the warm and cold months.

However, the average hard shell permanent hot tub can be a costly investment. What’s more, a standard hot tub is difficult to manoeuvre and can’t easily be taken with you on vacation such as a camping holiday. 

That’s why we recommend investing in a portable inflatable hot tub for added flexibility! 

One of the best manufacturers of portable hot tubs on the market is Intex. Intex is a leading manufacturer of above-ground pools, spas, and inflatable hot tubs.

The company has been active for more than 50 years and sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Our Top Three Intex Portable Hot Tub Reviews Compared:

Top Choice – 6-Person Intex Portable Hot Tub Review:

Intex Swimming Pool Spa Jacuzzi Bubble Massage 216X71CM Cm 6 Seater...

One of Intex’s most popular hot tub products is the Intex Swimming Pool Spa with bubble Jacuzzi therapy built in. 

The hot tub’s main structure consists of 3 layers of reinforced, laminated PVC, which is the optimal construction material for a portable hot tub. 

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetically manufactured plastic polymer known for being both lightweight and mechanically strong.

Therefore, a PVC hot tub like this one is easy to maneuver and will be resistant to punctures. The multi-layer construction and lamination add to the hot tub’s durability. 

Intex’s Swimming Pool Spa measures 71 x 216 cm and is large enough to seat 6 people. This makes it an excellent hot tub for families or for hosting small, intimate gatherings in the comfort of your very own spa! 

The hot tub’s 170 jets can be adjusted via the included control panel, with jacuzzi and whirlpool functions available for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Moreover, the tub comes with everything you could possibly need to set it up and get your first hot tub session underway! That said you will need to purchase and add chemicals to the hot tub water before bathing in it.

In addition to the structural components, heater, and water pump, the Intex Swimming Pool Spa includes a filter cartridge for water purification and chlorine test strips so that you can make sure your hot tub water is clean and safe. 

2 headrests are also included with the purchase, allowing you to recline in style and comfort for hours! 

While the tub is easy to assemble in a matter of minutes, the disassembly process is less straightforward.

Therefore, we’d recommend this hot tub primarily for long-term use.


  • Tri-layer laminated PVC – Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Seats 6 – Perfect for families and gatherings
  • 170-jet design – Whirlpool, jacuzzi, and massage option
  • Filter cartridge and test strips included – Enhances water safety
  • Includes 2 headrests Designed for comfort and relaxation
  • Includes ground base sheet and top cover – For better insulation


  • Tricky disassembly process Best for long-term situation


Our top choice being the most popular Intex spa amongst customers, it’s the largest in size within the reviews on this page seating up to 6 people comfortably, It comes with all you need to get up and running with added comfort benefits such as soft inflated headrests and a soft carpeted seating base.

Intex Swimming Pool Spa Jacuzzi Bubble Massage 216X71CM Cm 6 Seater...
  • Swimming pool Spa Bubble Massage 216x71 cm 6 outdoor seats.
  • Complete with accessories: Pump, Heating, Water purification system,...
  • With 170 total water jets

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Runner Up – 4-Person Intex Portable Hot Tub Review – PureSpa Greywood Deluxe:

Intex Greywood Deluxe PureSpa - 4 Person - Item includes 2 x Foam...

Intex’s Greywood Deluxe PureSpa is another highly popular Intex portable hot tub model, and not just because of its appealing imitation wood design!

This hot tub is large enough to seat 4 people at one time, so it’s ideal for smaller families or just for a spacious solo relaxation experience. Also available as a 6-person hot tub!

Comes with inflatable headrests for added comfort and mood setting, multicoloured LED lights.

Boasting 140 bubble-spa heated water jets that provide the ultimate massage therapy experience compared to other inflatables with air jets, the Intex PureSpa provides a highly enjoyable Jacuzzi effect. The temperature can be adjusted via the included control panel, which is very user-friendly.

It’s detachable, as well as small and lightweight, so it’s easy to handle. Moreover, the panel features large one-touch buttons and displays temperatures in large, clearly visible figures for effortless monitoring. 

Thanks to Intex’s patented Fiber Tech sturdy construction, you can trust this hot tub not to succumb to punctures or abrasion damage.

You can also trust it to keep your tub’s water skin-safe through the use of a built-in hard water treatment system that filters out calcium and magnesium. 

Unfortunately, running this tub at high temperatures isn’t very cost-effective. If you run this tub at top temperatures for prolonged periods, you’re likely to see the difference on your energy bills.


  • Fiber Tech construction – Sturdy and wear-resistant
  • Seats 4 – Suited to small families – (Also available as a 6-person)
  • 140 heated jets – Total relaxation
  • Ergonomic control panel – Easily tailor-able experience
  • Built-in hard water treatment – Keeps water free from calcium and magnesium


  • Not the most energy-efficient – Costly to run on higher temperatures


The runner up because the Greywood Intex spa boasts top quality with hundreds of positive online reviews, it has added benefits that other hot tubs don’t have such as the hard water treatment built in for those in hard water areas, it has heated pure-spa bubble therapy jets which makes it one of a kind compared to the usual cold air jets you get with most, if not all inflatable hot tubs.

Intex Greywood Deluxe PureSpa - 4 Person - Item includes 2 x Foam...
  • There is nothing like a soothing, warm soak surrounded by thousands of...
  • Incorporating 140 heated bubble jets with Intex's unique patented...
  • The easy-to-use control panel activates the high-performance bubble...
  • The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference...
  • PureSpa provides simple maintenance with easy-to-replace filter...
  • Now with a built-in hard water treatment system making water gentler...

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Lastly – The Simple Spa Intex Portable Hot Tub Review:

Intex Simple Spa 28482 Hot Tub 795 litres Bubble Massage 196 x 66 cm...

Finally, we’d like to talk about Intex’s Simple Spa model. 

This is a 4-seater hot tub model made of laminated PVC material. As we saw with the Swimming Pool Spa, laminated PVC contributes durability and wear-resistance to a hot tub design, ensuring long-term functionality.

The horizontal beam construction and tear-resistant external mesh provide structural reinforcement.

100 individual water jets have been positioned around the inside of the tub, delivering soothing bubble action from every angle. 

The tilt-adjustable control panel makes controlling and tailoring your hot tub experience easier than ever! A single touch will set the panel to the perfect angle for in-tub monitoring, while the intuitive touch buttons allow you to select your ideal settings in a matter of seconds.

Along with the hot tub itself, you will receive all the necessary accessories for water treatment and filtration, including a pair of filter cartridges, a chlorine dispenser, and test strips. 

Something to bear in mind with this tub, however, is that heat does tend to escape over time. Therefore, this might not be the best hot tub for use in cold weather.


  • High quality Intex build quality and reliability. 
  • The high flow rate and proprietary filter – which help easily keep the tub clean and feeling premium.
  • The puncture resistant 3-ply PVC is durable enough you can expect to last for a long period of time.
  • Built in anti limescale system


  • The inflatable headrests have rough edges along the side stitching and can be uncomfortable in the wrong position.
  • Only has 100 jets.


The Intex simple spa is our last choice because it only has 100 jets, it’s only available with a European plug, apart from those bad points its not a bad hot tub that boasts mixed reviews online where most are positive. Overall for the lower price point it’s not a bad choice if your on a smaller budget.

Intex Simple Spa 28482 Hot Tub 795 litres Bubble Massage 196 x 66 cm...
  • Thanks to the Fibre-Tech construction, it gives the spa greater...
  • Capacity 4 adults, size 196 x 66 cm, black, capacity 795 litres, with...
  • The package comes with a handy floating dispenser, useful for...
  • Storage protection - After use you can cover your spa thanks to the...
  • Control Panel: Easy to assemble and use thanks to the practical...

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Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Intex Portable Hot Tub 

All 3 of the hot tubs we’ve reviewed for you today are high-quality affordable investments you can expect to last you up to 3/5 years or even longer if you keep it well looked after.

However, choosing the best hot tub for your personal needs should involve evaluating factors individually. This will help you to find your ideal hot tub based on your priorities. 

The Size You Need: 

Before anything else, you’ll need to make sure that your Intex hot tub is large enough for yourself and any friends or family members you anticipate using the tub with you. 

Intex manufactures its hot tubs in a variety of sizes, with the most common builds seating between 4 and 6 people. 

If you’re mostly going to be using the hot tub yourself, a 4-seater will provide plenty of room to stretch out and relax on your own. However, it’s also large enough for smaller families or couples. 

A 6-seater hot tub is an ideal size for a family-time hot tub and could be used for hosting small gatherings.

Their are larger Inflatable hot tubs available that can accommodate a maximum of 7 average sized people.

Construction Quality:

You will need to assess the quality of a hot tub’s construction to determine its potential durability. Luckily, Intex prides itself on high quality build materials you can expect to last.. 

In terms of outer material, we’d recommend laminated PVC, which you can see featured in our product reviews.

This material is lightweight enough to maintain the portability of the hot tub without compromising on wear resistance. A laminated PVC hot tub will be unlikely to sustain a puncture or leak during use. 

The more layers of material used in construction, the better the tear-resistance of the hot tub will be. Therefore, we’d advise prioritising tri-layer construction for better longevity. 

Your hot tub will also need to be sturdy on an internal level. Intex’s patented Fiber Tech construction with reinforcement from horizontal beams will keep your hot tub structurally sound for years to come. 

Water Jets Or Hydro-Jets:

A portable hot tub just wouldn’t provide the full experience without water jets!

Intex tubs all have integrated air-jets compared to some other lazy spa models that have hydro-jets, The difference between air-jets and hydro-jets is that.

  • Air-jets pump cold air through the jet holes.
  • Hydro-jets pump hot water through the jet holes.

Intex manufacturers its hot tubs with different jet layouts, with some models sporting 100 jets and others boasting up to 170! A 100-jet design will provide an effective Jacuzzi function, but it will be more subtle than the 170-jet model which is a more aggressive massage experience. 

Of course, you can also adjust the temperature of the jets with the control panel heating function, which comes included with the purchase of an Intex hot tub. 

Additional Features You Should Check Are Included: 

Intex’s portable hot tubs come with a wide range of additional features to make your spa experience healthier and more enjoyable. 

Does It Come With A Ground Sheet And Top Cover Lid ?

Most hot tubs come with an insulated ground base sheet and a lockable insulated cover lid for both insulation and safety whilst helping to keep the kids out! when not in use,

They also help maintain the water temperature and help to protect the tub from base punctures and debris in your water.

in my opinion, the included ground sheets are thin and flimsy,

So depending on where your planning to place your hot tub on the ground, you might want to consider spending a little more time before setting up the tub to best prepare your hot tub base to avoid any disappointing punctures to the base and increase comfort-ability when sitting in the tub by adding further protection underneath.

I also recommend you use a complete insulated hot tub protective cover to help keep the water warm when your tub is not in use, doing this will also help reduce your electricity bill and ultimately reduce the overall running costs of your hot tub.

Does It Come With All The Accessories You Need ?

Though chlorine or bromine dispensers, filters, and test strips are also common hot tub accessories you will need to ensure water safety which are not always included and will need to be purchased separately.

Some models come with multiple filter cartridges to get you started, so you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub out of the box for longer without making to many additional purchases.

Does It Have Headrests And A Carry Bag ?

Even a portable, soft-sided hot tub can feel uncomfortable to recline against for a long time. That’s why Intex provides headrests to enhance relaxation. 

Portable hot tubs from Intex often come with a storage bag for when the tub is not in use. If you’re investing in a portable hot tub for vacation purposes, this is an especially important storage feature. 

Does It Come With The Control Panel ?

Of course! you’ll also receive your control panel with your hot tub.

All Intex control panels are built to be intuitive, ergonomic, and easy to use, so adjusting your tub’s temperature and monitoring its functions such as setting heating times in advance should be an easy process.

Always refer to the instruction manual provided!

Tilt-adjust-ability is a highly desirable feature in a hot tub control panel because it makes it easier to reach and read the display in all light conditions.

Wrapping Up:

Our top choice in this intex portable hot tub review is the 6-person intex swimming pool spa Jacuzzi because it’s been so well designed with tough rigid materials that are made to last, it looks great and sports cracking reviews amongst hundreds of customers online. It’s one of the larger hot tubs that’s best suited to party’s or family gatherings.

Our runner up is the intex greywood purespa which again has fibre tech construction of a rigid design that is designed to take the wear and tear you throw at it, it also looks modern! It stacks up against all it’s competitors such as lazy spa when it comes to inflatable hot tub manufactures, It boasts tonnes of recent reviews where buyers have been more than happy with their purchase.

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