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If you are on a budget and looking for inflatable hot tubs under 500, then this article is for you, what you will find is that there are very limited options to choose from on your budget.

Furthermore, On this type of budget, there may only be two or three options of Hot tubs that are available at this low price at any one time. Especially in the summer months when they sell out fast, Wintertime is the best time to buy a cheap hot tub as prices tend to drop.

Though there are some pretty good options to choose from which we’ve researched, reviewed, and listed further below.

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So! What Quality Can You Expect From Inflatable Hot Tubs Under 500:

A low budget of 500 for a new hot tub is definitely the bottom line budget for a hot tub, No question!

You can expect a decent grade standard of products that are completely fit for purpose and perfectly usable,

You Just need to consider how much usage you plan to throw at it being a budget option!

For light use, you are pretty much good to go.

For heavy use, you might want to consider spending a bit more on a better inflatable hot tub that will take more daily wear and tear, and last you for a much longer period of time for your initial investment.

The cheaper you pay for an inflatable hot tub, in our view after researching inflatable hot tub models, The less build quality materials and design go into building them initially!

Though that said! We are not saying cheap hot tubs are not adequate for the intentional purpose of bathing in a hot tub, because they’re not a bad investment at all for the low price they are offered at.

(We only recommended cheap inflatable hot tubs for light occasional use only to avoid disappointment)

There are optional upgrades available asking for a bit more money though, In our experience, the new 2022 MSPA inflatable hot tubs are typically the next thing up if you’re on a small budget of 500,

You could end up spending around 600/699 to get a better product that will typically be of better quality and last much longer!

See Our Top Choices Of The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs under 500 Listed Below:

Our choices are based on availability and cost, we have three hot tubs listed below to choose from.

Top Choice – CosySpa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub:

CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa [2022 Model] – Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub | 2-6 Person Capacity – Quick Heating | Round Hot Tub (Hot Tub Only - 4 Person)

COSYSPA Inflatable Hot Tub Spa [2022 Model] - Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub | 2-6 Person Capacity – Quick Heating Hot Tub | Inflatable Hot Tub | Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub Spa (Hot Tub Only - 6 Person)

This budget cosyspa comes as the hot tub only with a ground cover included, No additional extras such as headrests and a hot tub cover are not included, yet they are optionally available for a little extra money if you want those extras included or you can buy them in separately.

A hot tub cover is always going to be needed to help maintain the heat levels and to keep debris out of your tub whilst not in use, things like headrests and drink holders are not so important!

Self Inflatable:
The cosyspa is self-inflatable and can be blown up using the inflation hose provided, simply attach it to the 600W air pump provided, then press the inflate button on the control panel… whilst making sure not to over-inflate!

Build Material Quality:
The cosyspa is made up of strong durable PVC fabric walls that you can expect to last 3/5 years depending on usage and safe storage conditions…Avoid creasing the material.

Holding Capacity:
Seats up to 4 people, Holds 800-Litres of water, measures 1.65-m externally, 1.25-m internally.

130 Massaging Air jets powered by the built-in 600-watt air pump, It has an auto shut-off safety function each half-hour.

Heating Filtration System:
Stand aside 1200-Watt heating system with easy to use LED display controls, heats the water up to 42-degrees, you can expect temperatures to rise by 1/1.5 degrees per hour,

It takes 2 days to heat up to maximum temperature. CE certified with 3.5-meter UK power cable, 220-240 volt plug, and play.


  • One of the cheapest inflatable hot tubs money can buy.
  • Nice looking design that’s also comfortable to bathe in.
  • One-year Warranty on both inflatable unit and pump.


  • This 4-person “hot tub only” does NOT come with a top cover lid as the 6-person does.
  • Rather noisy, much like a hoover when jets are in full flight which might upset your neighbours late at night.
  • An automatic alarm goes off every few days prompting you to change the filter where it also shuts down the tub, though, you can reset this by pressing and holding the filter button in for 3/5 seconds.


The cosyspa is one of a kind, there are no other cosyspa models to compare it with as yet, Furthermore, it has a number of mixed reviews online where most of them are positive, Additionally, this 4-person hot tub doesn’t come with a top cover lid which is the main downfall.

Get a close-up look by watching the set up instruction video.

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Runner Up – MSPA – 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Spa Lite:

MSPAUK LS04U-GR Mspa Portable Hot Tub Round 6 Person Outdoor Bubble Spa Inflation Smart Filteration UVC Sanitization Technology, 36 Degree Quick Heating, Latest 2020 Model, Grey, 4

MSPAUK LS04U-GR Mspa Portable Hot Tub Round 6 Person Outdoor Bubble Spa Inflation Smart Filteration UVC Sanitization Technology, 36 Degree Quick Heating, Latest 2020 Model, Grey, 4

This 2020 model is not a bad choice as it has a lot going for it with the features it offers on a small budget,
It’s available in two colours, blue or grey, shapes are square or round,

It has UV sanitation technology built-in which helps reduce your time spent on water maintenance as the ozone system constantly works to kill all known bacteria and viruses.

It’s self-inflatable with an adjustable air pressure indicator so you don’t over-inflate it, the indicator shows red if it is over-inflated, green is inflated just right!

You can use the control panel remote to both inflate and deflate.

Comes with an insulated ground mat with added straps that connect tightly to the also included top cover lid for better insulation and added security.

Smart Control Panel Functions:

Adjustable Heating – Adjust the heating temperature and pre-set your own heating times.

Bubbles Button – Activate bubbles 108 air jets that will automatically stop after 20-mins for safety reasons, re-activate by pressing the bubbles button.

Child safety mode – Activate the child safety lock by pressing and “holding the up & down buttons” for 3-seconds to disengage the control panel. (The same process to re-engage).

Filtration System – The filter button activates the filtration system, Beware, when the red light shows on the filter button. it’s time to change your filter whilst making sure to “turn off the heater and filtration system” before changing the filter!

Easy Drain Adaptor – Simple to drain with included drain adaptor where you simply attach a hose and empty it into your nearest drain.

Anti-Ice System – The anti-ice system detects the temperature and allows the heater to kick in automatically when temperatures drop to 4-degrees which will stop the tub from freezing up.

Whisper Quiet Technology – MSPA has tuned their heater pumps with their own technology to be as quiet as possible, no more unhappy neighbours.

Size & Weight – 158 x 158 x 68 cm. 22.5 Kilograms

Build Material – This MSPA hot tub is made up of reinforced PVC material that’s made to last.

Setting It Up – It’s easy to set up with no tools required, and comes with a whopping 2-year Warranty!


  • All you need in one package.
  • It’s up to date with the latest technology having UV ozone and anti-ice system built-in
  • Made by MSPA, one of the leading inflatable hot tub designers.


  • No online reviews to be found


The fact that this hot tub is designed by MSPA offering all it does, we think it’s worth a shot for the price, after-all MSPA is offering a two-year warranty should anything go wrong with it.

Learn more by watching the set up instruction video

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Aquaspa 2-3 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Spa – Suited To Smaller Familys Or Couples:

AquaSpa #WEJOY Portable Hot Tub 61X61X26 Inch Air Jet Spa 2-3 Person Inflatable Square Outdoor Heated Hot Tub Spa with 120 Bubble Jets, Black/White, one Size (AQA_SPA-A154_Black/White)

AquaSpa #WEJOY Portable Hot Tub 61X61X26 Inch Air Jet Spa 2-3 Person Inflatable Square Outdoor Heated Hot Tub Spa with 120 Bubble Jets, Black/White, one Size (AQA_SPA-A154_Black/White)

The black and white coloured Aquaspa is a new release budget inflatable hot tub, it is on the smaller side suited to only 3 people maximum.

Aquaspa are known for bathroom showers and pool supplies, looks like they are venturing into the hot tub space with this little number, when I say little I mean little.

Size – Only 1.54-m x 1.54-m – to the outer lining, 1.14-m x 1.14-m – to the inner lining. 0.56-m in height.

Build Material – The material linings are made up of puncture-resistant PVC that offers rigid stability and durability.

Control Panel Functionality:
Built-in control panel to the side of the tub that operates the adjustable 1200-Watt heater that you can set temperatures up to 40-degrees 12/24-hrs in advance…Heats up 2-degrees per hour.

The pump inflates the hot tub in under 5-mins and controls the 120 air jets that jet from the bottom of the tub upwards massaging your lower and upper back.

Auto Jet Function:
The jets have an auto-function built-in which shuts off after 15-mins, then the jets will rest for 30-mins before automatically firing back up again. You can also use the jets manually if you wish.

Comes with everything you need to get set up, including,

  • Zipped top cover with safety locking keys.
  • Ground mat for underside insulation and protection.
  • Inflation hose.
  • 2 filters and a filter cover that helps prevent debris.
  • 2 x air valve caps.
  • Puncture repair kit.


  • Tough sturdy, well made hot tub for the price
  • Comes with a one year warranty for peace of mind


  • A small 3-person hot tub only suited to small families or couples
  • The new release means there is a lack of positive reviews online


Suited to the smaller family or couples with it only seating 3 people maximum, also suited to those with limited space.

Take a peek at the set up video to learn more and get a close-up of the materials.

Care Guide For Your Inflatable Hot Tubs under 500:

Do not use an extension lead to power your hot tub, Always plug directly into a plug socket or have an electrician over to wire it up for you.

Always try to keep the box your hot tub came in to keep for better, safer storage.

When packing your inflatable away into storage, try not to fold the PVC material tightly, Try to circulate the material rather than folding it!

Avoid creasing the material which can result in the material splitting and causing punctures.

Regularly clean your filters and remember to replace them from time to time depending on how much you use it.

Always use a suitable base ground sheet to avoid any snags, or tears to the bottom lining of your hot tub from placing it on a rough surface.

Protect your tub from the elements and better insulate your hot tub with a complete hot tub cover.

Consider protecting your investment with a hot tub surround to help protect the outer linings of your hot tub, Hot tub surrounds offer an array of storage space and seating which also helps protect the sides of your tub from accidental damages.

Always keep on top of your water maintenance, keep the correct balance of PH and alkaline or you will soon face water problems! Period.

Test your water after each use and add what chemicals are needed immediately to maintain the best water hygiene at all times.

Never over-inflate your hot tub, doing this will stress the stitching to the inner and outer linings causing possible tearing.

Never drag your hot tub across the floor, always pick it up when moving it.

Always have everyone shower before bathing in a hot tub to remove body oils and dry skin particles, this keeps your water cleaner.

Refrain from eating and drinking in a hot tub, food and drink particles can play havoc with your water, your filters can get clogged with debris, and you end up with white floating bits in your tub.

Wrapping Up:

Our top choice in this review is the 4-person cosyspa inflatable hot tub as It’s built with hard-wearing materials with heat retention in mind with its aluminum foil-backed PVC linings. In fact, It also boasts many positive online reviews.

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