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Buying a hot tub on a budget can be difficult when you don't know what to look out for, Our guide below should help you decide what's best for you and your budget.

We have reviewed three of the best hot tubs under 4000 so you can add some more fun to your next outdoor party.

Owning a hot tub can be a wonderful experience, Especially if you have sore muscles or arthritis. There are many health and wellness benefits that a person can experience from a soak in the hot tub

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Before we get to these reviews, there are a few things you should know and be prepared for when it comes to buying a hot tub. 

It’s important that you have your home ready for the hot tub and delivery before the installation crew arrives. These are some of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a hot tub for your home:

  • Your new hot tub should be the right size for the space you have. Remember, if your hot tub is too big it’s not that easy to just send back. Getting the right measurements are your responsibility.
  • Clear the way for your delivery crew. They need easy access to bring that hot tub to its new location.
  • Make sure your hot tub has a location with a solid foundation.
  • Don’t ignore the hot tub’s voltage. While some hot tubs, like the Plug and Play 13-Amp, can be plugged directly into your home’s socket others have a higher voltage which an electrician will have to install.
  • Then there are the features. If you want any extra additions to your new tub, such as headrests or Bluetooth speakers, then don’t forget to keep an eye for them when you’re shopping.
  • Quality is important too. Take some time to review what your potential new hot tub is made out of. Acrylic hot tubs are a more durable option than vinyl or rotomolded plastic. They are stronger and hold in the heat better.
In this review we cover only three hot tubs based on most recently sold items, sellers and manufacturer’s feedback and customer reviews, We only recommend product’s that we have either used, Or thoroughly researched, we find product’s that have been proven to be a hit with previous customers.

The All New Quartz - 13 Amp Plug & Play


  • The Quartz 13 Amp sits up to 5 people.
  • 4 regular seats, 1 lounger for extra relaxation.
  • Dimensions: 1.8 m X 2.2 m X 0.83 m.
  • Colour changing interior LED lights.
  • Bluetooth music system with two speakers.
  • USA Balboa system.
  • Ultimate relaxation with
  • 44 built-in jets.
  • 13 amp plug for easy installation. 
  • 3 built-in water fountains.
  • 1 built-in Ozonator. 
  • Child lock for extra safety, featuring cover straps and a control pad.
  • Freeze protection mode.

LED Mood Lighting In Multiple Colours

Extras Included With The Quartz Hot Tub:

This easily accessible hot tub comes with all of the right features to have a luxurious soak.

Space Saver:
The dimensions of this hot tub make it ideal for small spaces. Even though it is a smaller tub, it is still spacious enough to comfortably fit up to 5 people. It features lower seats so everyone will be fully submerged in the water.

All Those Jets:
The Quartz 13 Amp has 44 different built-in jets to give you the most relaxing experience. A soak in this hot tub will have every inch of your body relaxed. It features multi-massage jets and foot jets. The jet pump strength is 1 X 3 HP.

Steps and Cover Lid Included:
We mean it when we say that this hot tub is easily accessible. The steps are included so you can safely get in and out. When you’re not using the tub keep it covered up at no extra cost.

Energy Saving Modes:
You won’t have to worry about your electricity bill soaring sky high with The Quartz 13 Amp hot tub. It features a sleep and a rest mode for when it’s not in use, Keeping the insulated cover on when not in use will also help maintain the heat.


  • This acrylic hot tub is built to last and can handle any weather conditions if set up outdoors.
  • Plenty of hydrotherapy jets to help relieve aching muscles.
  • Steps and cover lid included.


  • This hot tub seats 5 people comfortably, but only provides 4 headrests.
  • Labour not included in the installation cost.


You can’t go wrong with The Quartz 13 Amp hot tub. This energy-efficient and space-saving hot tub has all of the right features to give you the most relaxing experience.

Our Next Pick - The Maldives 32 -AMP

Our Rating -

Maldives Premium Hot Tub - Seats 6-7


  • The choice between marble grey or marble white, both with a dark grey base.
  • 6 seats: 5 regular seats, 1 lounger.
  • Dimensions: 2 m X 2 m X 0.9 m
  • The choice between Canadian Gecko or USA Balboa control systems.
  • Flip screen options.
  • 3 built-in waterfalls with colour-changing LED lights.
  • 32 amp electrical requirements.
  • 2 LED Bluetooth speakers.
  • Freeze protection mode.
  • Energy savings modes.
  • Child safety lock and straps.
    48 multi-massage jets.
    Automatic circulation system

Extra Features Included With The Maldives Hot Tub:

Create A Mood:
There are a variety of different lighting and colour-changing options with The Maldives hot tub. With 2 Bluetooth speakers included, you can play any type of music to set the right mood. Lay your head back on one of the soft headrests and soak your worries away.

Easily Accessible:
The space-saving dimensions of this hot tub make it easy to fit into any space you have planned. Steps are included for safely getting in and out of the hot tub. There is also a free cover included with The Maldives.

Extra Insulation:
This acrylic hot tub has an extra layer of insulation to the inside. The extra insulation helps to keep the heat inside of your hot tub. This will help to make sure you don’t need to use as much electricity compared to other tubs in this price range.

Hard Wearing Exterior:
Made up of super strong composite side panels which will with-stand all weathers without rotting, at the same time as being durable, easy to keep clean and resistant to accidental damages.


  • A safe and secure hot tub that is easy on the electric bill.
  • LED lights on both the inside and outside.
  • Choice of colours and control panels.


  • An electrician will be required for installation since this hot tub is 32 amp.
  • Only 3 headrests are included.